Five Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book (and Three Things That Make Me Put It Down)

I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday post in months (years?) but I felt like getting back into it this week because I like the topic! Here are five things that will absolutely 100% make me pick up a book, and three things that will make me cast it back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.

+ Rich People Drama

I’m an absolute sucker for Rich People Drama, a term that I’ve been using in the book blogosphere for YEARS. It probably all started with the It Girl series, which is set in a fancy boarding school and there’s drama and drugs and Rich People Problems. I’ve read a tonne of these types of books throughout the years, the most recent being Crazy Rich Asians, and I can’t wait to get to the sequel!

+ Middle Eastern fantasy

I only discovered this recently but apparently I have a love of epic fantasy involving Middle Eastern mythology! It started with Aladdin, I guess, and then evolved when I discovered the Rebel of the Sands trilogy (which I love) and The City of Brass (which I ADORE with my whole heart). Give me all the djinn!

+ No romance

I used to be a massive shipper, but over the past three years or so my shipping tendencies have fizzled out. I’m not sure what happened, but I just don’t get into it as much as I used to. So if someone tells me that a book has no romance, I’m much more likely to pick it up because I’m going to be more invested in the story or the world building than two (or more) characters getting it on.

+ Buddy reading

This isn’t necessarily about the books themselves, but if someone offers to buddy read a book with me, or someone puts out a call for buddy readers, I’m going to jump straight on it. I just love reading books alongside other people and talking about them during and afterwards. (As a sidenote, if any of you want to buddy read anything then let me know! We can chat.)

+ Feminism

This should be pretty self explanatory. If a book promises to be feminist, or to have a feminist main character, then I’m all for it. I read The Nowhere Girls in 2017 and realised that YA fiction has been missing some hardcore feminist books, so I need more. I also want more feminist adult books, so if you have any recommendations then hit me up.

– Instalove

Another self explanatory one, especially considering what I mentioned above about not shipping anything. First of all, I’ve always hated instalove. Secondly, if I’m going to ship anything (which is rare), then I’m going to ship a slow burn romance, not a love at first sight attraction.

– “The next Game of Thrones/Harry Potter/Star Wars

This drives me crazy! I get that the publishers need to market the book somehow, but if they keep putting those same words on every single book that they want to do well, then it gets a bit redundant, don’t you think?

– Models on the cover

I just really dislike seeing faces on the covers of books unless they’re in shadows, or they’re drawn. Photographs of real life people are the WORST.

And that’s it! Let me know if you’ve done this week’s list in the comments below and I’ll come and check out your post!

30 comments on “Five Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book (and Three Things That Make Me Put It Down)

  1. Charlotte Burt's Books 02/04/2019 8:46 am

    I totally agree with you on your three turn-offs, the next (insert classic here) are always disappointing and I can see why they try and do movie tie ins sometimes but otherwise keep distinct faces away.
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday.

    • Amber 02/04/2019 9:35 pm

      I really wish they’d be more creative, although I understand why they do it!

    • Amber 02/04/2019 9:36 pm

      I have a lot of old school ships but nothing that has jumped out at my recently! Maybe you’re right and the newer stuff is very contrived.

  2. Poinsettia 02/04/2019 2:46 pm

    I’m not a big fan of actual people on the cover either. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday

    • Amber 02/04/2019 9:36 pm

      Don’t blame you!

  3. Lydia 02/04/2019 4:23 pm

    I haven’t read any middle eastern fantasy yet, but it sound super interesting.

    My post.

    • Amber 02/04/2019 9:37 pm

      You should definitely check out the two that I mentioned!

  4. Susan (Bloggin' 'bout Books) 02/04/2019 11:23 pm

    I am SO with you on the last two. Book comparisons never seem to pan out for me, so now I just ignore them. I also really dislike seeing models’ faces on covers! Their bodies are fine. Even a smudged face is okay, but I don’t want to be forced to see characters in a certain way because of the models on the cover. Glad I’m not the only one 🙂

    Happy TTT!

    • Amber 03/04/2019 7:13 pm

      Yes! I’m okay with their bodies or their faces in darkness or something, but I hate being shown what a character looks like!

  5. Greg 03/04/2019 1:30 am

    I love a buddy read! It makes the book that much more exciting, being able to really delve into it and share thoughts with another reader. And a story with no romance is nice once in a while!

  6. Elise 03/04/2019 2:44 am

    I so agree on your reasons to put a book down!!

  7. Pages and Tea 03/04/2019 8:46 am

    I didn’t think to put in any reasons to not read a book, but I love the ones you’ve mentioned here.

    • Amber 03/04/2019 7:14 pm

      Thanks! I felt like I should balance the list out haha

  8. Joy V Spicer 03/04/2019 6:14 pm

    Totally agree on the 3 that turn you off – same here. Ooo! Middle Eastern fantasy sounds good. Grew up reading 1001 Nights. Will definitely check out the 2 you’ve mentioned, thanks.

    • Amber 03/04/2019 7:15 pm

      Oh please do! They’re fantastic. I’ve never read 1001 Nights but it’s something I’ve always wanted to pick up.

  9. Lynn Williams 03/04/2019 9:34 pm

    I like that you’ve put likes and dislikes. Instalove is a definite turn off and I also find myself less likely to be attracted to covers with models on them.
    Lynn 😀

  10. Kaeley Scruggs 04/04/2019 2:46 am

    I’m definitely with you on the models on the front. Seldom do I find a book cover I really like when it has a real person on the front. I much prefer illustrated covers over any other kind.

  11. Kelly @ Wandering Through Books 05/04/2019 3:19 am

    I’m not really a fan of cover models either. I have found a couple books that have done a really good job casting and shooting the cover but… as a general rule I’d rather an illustration or just… no people at all on the cover.

  12. Rissi JC 06/04/2019 4:26 am

    I tend to like cover models… most of the time. 😉 Insta-love isn’t a favorite trope of mine at all, though it can be well done depending on the story/characters. Thanks so much for visiting, Amber!!

  13. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books 06/04/2019 2:36 pm

    No romance? *blinks rapidly as doe not compute*
    It’s rare I’ll touch a book without romance… Instalove is pretty annoying though. I love slow-burn.

  14. Krystianna 06/04/2019 3:48 pm

    I hate it when people say “the next game of thrones” or “the next harry potter.” It’s so overused and I feel like 99% of the time it’s not even true! I can’t even make the connection most of the time. Thanks for sharing!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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