Top Ten Scariest Book Covers

Top Ten Scariest Book Covers
I’m a huge horror fan, when it comes to books and movies and TV shows, so I am really looking forward to Halloween this year! It’s a great excuse to eat a bunch of chocolate and hide under the cover with your laptop. This week, I’m sharing my top ten scary book covers. These are in no particular order, and the level of scary varies. You might not even be creeped out by them. Just know that I hate dolls, children, clowns, and eye operations.

19 comments on “Top Ten Scariest Book Covers

  1. Jamie 29/10/2013 10:20 am

    EW those ZomB books are super creepo! I have never heard of House of Dead Maids until today as 3 people have had it on their list already and THOSE DEAD EYES. MAKE IT STOP. Hmm I don’t know which Peregrine’s cover freaks me out more — either way DEAD KIDS GO AWAY.

  2. Meg M 29/10/2013 1:46 pm

    I also hate dolls, children, clowns and eye operations, so congratulations! Your list has me freaked the f*ck out. Seriously, scariest TTT so far. I need to go lock myself in the brightly lit office supplies storeroom with all the happy, non-homicidal, rainbow post-its so I can calm down.

  3. Jenny 29/10/2013 2:54 pm

    Oh man. IT!!!!! Even though that clown isn’t crazy scary looking, he’s definitely incredibly creepy and haunting. I feel like I need to look over my shoulder just to make sure he’s not standing there. *bites nails* And any cover with dolls will always freak me out. I can’t deal with dolls at all, I’m convinced they’re watching me with their dead doll eyes and that’s terrifying:) Fantastic choices Amber!

  4. Ellie M. 29/10/2013 3:32 pm

    Zom-B Baby is soooooo freaky!! Great list, this was scary lol Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  5. Liesel Hill 29/10/2013 4:40 pm

    Great list! I haven’t read many of those, though IT made my list (and many others) this week. I’ll have to check out a few of the others. 😀 Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  6. Kristen Williams 29/10/2013 5:26 pm

    Ah! I had to go past that last one fast. I hate eye stuff. ugh. I don’t think Unhinged is creepy but I’ve seen that a lot of people do. I think IT is SO creepy! My blog actually posted that cover redone in Lego. Still scary. I just dont’ think clowns can ever NOT be creepy. Does any child actually like them? I have yet to meet a single person that thinks clowns are amusing.

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  7. M. 29/10/2013 5:30 pm

    Hollow City and Unsouled….. *backs into a corner* *curls up in fetal position* *hides under a blanket*

  8. yaescapefromreality 29/10/2013 6:50 pm

    Unsouled, It, The Vivisector…definitely scary and creepy. Ugh. Clowns are just creepy in general. Great picks! ~Pam

  9. tigerlilyrachel 29/10/2013 10:49 pm

    I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE. I thought the covers I found were disturbing, but you’ve totally got me beat. That zombie baby one is just…*shudders.* The House of Dead Maids might be one of the scariest covers I have ever seen.

  10. Nikki H 29/10/2013 11:17 pm

    Dude, that cover of It and House of Dead Maids is certain to give me nightmares smh These might be some of the scariest covers EVER.

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  11. My anxious life 30/10/2013 1:22 am

    Yep… you certainly found a lot of scary book covers!!! WOW~~

  12. Kim 30/10/2013 2:33 am

    Ahhh these are the creepiest covers I’ve seen! Those Zom-B ones are sooooo freakish

  13. Jesus Christ the first one! My eyes, MY EYES! *shudders* I remember doing a similar post last year and I know the last one was on my list as well – it’s… gross! 😐

  14. Cecelia 31/10/2013 2:15 pm

    All of those ZOM-B books have the creepiest covers, don’t they?! And the HOUSE OF DEAD MAIDS… *shudder* Great list!

    Thanks for visiting my TTT post – and apologies that it took so long to make it over here to comment on yours!

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