Monthly TBR: March 2018


My February TBR was kind of a success in that I read six whole books from it! This never happens to me because I tend to get distracted. I’ve decided to do what I did last month again because it worked out so well for me. I’ve picked out some new releases, some review copies, and some backlist titles that I’ve had on my shelves forever.

march tbr 1

If Obsidio isn’t on your TBR this month then what are you doing with your life? I didn’t love Illuminae, but Gemina really picked up, and I’m now dying to see how the trilogy wraps up. I’m super excited for Tyler Johnson Was Here, and I think Nothing Left to Burn sounds fairly unique. Unique enough for me to buy it, anyway!

march tbr 2

I was doing really well with review copies until February, when I got slightly behind because all of my fantasy ARCs were being released around the same time! I went through a bit of a fantasy slump at the beginning of the month and I ignored two of my February ARCs. I feel a bit terrible, but I might get to them this month. These ones here are books that are coming out in April that I’m super excited to read.

march tbr 3

I figured I needed to finally get to Dead Zone because it has been on my shelf for the longest time and I might as well finish off the series. I really enjoyed the first book as well, so I’m not sure why I haven’t read it yet. The May Queen Murders doesn’t have the best reviews, but I received it as a gift and I want to give it a go. I’ve tried to read Nevernight twice but I feel like now is the time to finally get to it. I bought The Underground Railroad during the hype, and I’m DYING to get to it now that I’m in the mood. The Violent Century was sent to me by a friend and I took freakin’ forever to pick it up. I blame my blogging slump. And Stillhouse Lake sounds like a really good thriller!

And that’s my list! Do you have any recommendations for me? Which ones of these did you love? Or, alternatively, let me know which ones you’d like to hear my thoughts on and I’ll try to prioritise those.

2 comments on “Monthly TBR: March 2018

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity March 11, 2018 8:36 pm

    Obsidio is out this month and I cannot wait! I am also dithering over buying Chaotic Good because that’s out this month. Otherwise, I don’t really know what releases are coming up.

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