Wanderlust Wednesday: Top 6 Places I Want To Visit

wanderlust wednesday

1. Croatia

To be honest, I hadn’t even considered going to Croatia until last year. Having looked into the country some more, I think it’s somewhere I would love to visit. There’s a lot of history there, not just from the Greeks and Romans, but also from prehistoric times. There are tonnes of islands that I’d like to see, along with lakes, mountains, and countryside. There’s the Plitvice Lakes National Park as well, which looks stunning. I’d love to go to both Dubrovnik and Split.


2. California, USA

There’s a lot to do and see in California, so much so that I can’t possibly list everything here. My main reason for wanting to go to California is the abundance of National Parks. I’d love to spend time driving up or down the coast, visiting cities and parks along the way. Yellowstone is high on my bucket list. I’d like to spend some time in Los Angeles, although I don’t think I’d spend much longer than a couple of days there. Big cities aren’t really my thing!

3. Thailand

Beaches! Beaches everywhere! I’ve wanted to go to Thailand for years, as I know a few people who have been and loved it. I love the idea of staying on a hut by the beach and going for a paddle in the morning. It all just looks very relaxing!

4. Iceland

Iceland used to be at the top of my list before the tourist boom a couple of years ago. I really wish I had visited before it got so incredibly popular. There’s not a whole lot to see in Iceland, but I think it would be an amazing place to visit. There are a few national parks and other attractions that I’d like to see, such as the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss, and Landmannaleugar.


5. Paris, France

No, I have never been to Paris! Most of my friends have been already because we’re so close and you can normally get cheap flights or train tickets. I’m not overly interested in France (sorry!) but I feel like I have to experience Paris at some point because right now I feel like I’m missing out.

6. Sydney, Australia

Okay, so I actually want to do a massive tour of Australia. If I could spend at least a year out there, I would. I picked Sydney because it’s the most popular destination, and from Sydney I could go up the coast to Cairns, or west to Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Australia is actually my #1 destination, and I definitely want to visit in the next five years or so.

One comment on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Top 6 Places I Want To Visit

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity October 14, 2017 8:58 am

    So many places! I also want to visit Croatia and it’s partly because someone I used to work with went and he made Dubrovnik sound amazing! Australia in general is also on the list even though it’s so far away and the flight scares me! I was never interested in visiting France and Paris because it’s so close, it was only after I read Just One Day that I wanted to go there, books frequently inspire me to travel. I am dying to go to Prague because of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books.

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