The Uprising by Lisa M. Stasse

The Uprising by Lisa M. StasseThe Uprising by Lisa M. Stasse
Series: The Forsaken #2
Genre: Dystopia
Release Date: November 7, 2013
Publisher: Orchard Books
Source: Publisher
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Rating: one-star

Alenna is being hunted. She can run and hide. Or she can stand and fight. Alenna is being chased by the government that destroyed her life. Determined to strike back, she joins the uprising. But victory has a high price. Will she risk everything and return to the Wheel? Or will she leave Liam, the boy she loves, to his fate? Battered. Bloodied. Defiant. Alenna's fight for survival continues.

I sit in an uncomfortable metal chair, facing a row of six scientists in white lab coats. These are my inquisitors.

The romance in this book ruined it for me. I was so excited to see Alenna and co. start to fight back against the oppressive government who sent them to the island in the first place. I mean, this is called The UPRISING, after all. However, not much happened in this book aside from the constant “I love you”‘s and “I don’t want you to get hurt”‘s, much to the disgust of everyone involved.

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