Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

Monument 14 by Emmy LaybourneMonument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
Series: Monument 14 #1
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Publisher: Hachette Children's Books
Source: Publisher
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Rating: two-stars

Fourteen kids. One superstore. A million things that go wrong ...
Fourteen kids stranded inside a superstore. Inside they have everything they could ever need. There's junk food and clothes, computer games and books, drugs and alcohol ... and without adult supervision they can do whatever they want.
Sounds like fun?

But outside the world is being ripped apart by violent storms and chemicals leaking into the atmosphere that, depending on blood type, leave victims paranoid, violent or dead.

The kids must remain inside, forced to create their own community, unsure if they'll ever be able to leave. Can they stop the world they've created inside from self-destructing too?

Monument 14 has an interesting premise. There’s a series of natural disasters which set off a whole chain of events, and eventually cause toxic waste to be released into the air. I really like post-apocalyptic stuff, and I was looking forward to this one because I thought it might help me edit my own apocalypse survival plan. Instead, it was a dull. So. Dull. Continue reading