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Review Policy

If you would like to submit a review request (that sounds very formal, ew) then you can email where you may or may not get a reply depending on the following factors: whether or not it’s one of those bulk emails, whether or not the the book in question complies with the review policy, and whether or not Amber is currently doing a 45+ hour work week. Please do NOT send review requests in the form of tweets or comments or private messages. Nobody replies to those.

Our reviews on Books of Amber are always 100% honest. Our feelings about a book are never influenced by things like free copies, money, friends’ feelings, ships (those last two may be small white lies) or anything outside of the book that we’re reading. Amber’s reviews tend to be somewhat rambling summaries of her personal thoughts, whereas Tatum is the more critical of the duo and writes as though she’s going to be published in a newspaper. Which she just might one day.

Neither of us accepts monetary payment for any book that we review, or any promotional post that is posted on the website, Twitter, or Youtube. We’re just insanely passionate about books, and money and free stuff doesn’t matter all that much when YOU HAVE THE SHIPS WORDS.

We accept

  • Young Adult novels (Amber prefers science fiction and fantasy, whereas Tatum likes historical pieces that rip out your heart)
  • Middle Grade novels (Again, fantasy is superior)
  • Adult novels depending on how good they sound.

We do not accept

  • Non-fiction
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Christian fiction (Amber has had bad experiences)
  • Poetry (why)
  • eBooks (although some exceptions are made)

Amber cross-posts her reviews on Amazon UK (she should probably work on posting on the US site), and Goodreads. She is also a member of the Booktube community on Youtube, however the rate at which she uploads video reviews is irregular because they take ages to record and edit, and Amber works full time.

If we accept a book for review, it does not guarantee a review given the time constraints that we’re under. We will promote the book through a book haul post and/or a Youtube video, however we cannot always find the time to review the books that we receive. Novels that we request take precedence over all other titles, and unsolicited copies tend to go to the bottom of the pile. If you send a book without us having accepted it, please understand that we have literally hundreds of books that we want to read, and we often cannot find the time to fit those books in. There is little point in sending us email after email to ask us if we can put a book on that month’s reading list because it’s never going to happen.

We are unable to promise a precise time frame in which we will post our reviews, because our schedule is jam-packed. If we receive an Advance Reader’s Copy then we will do our best to review it in the month surrounding its release, although that is not always possible.