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Review Policy

If you would like to submit a review request, please read this review policy before contacting me via email. Please do NOT send review requests in the form of tweets or comments or private messages.

The reviews on Books of Amber are always 100% honest. My feelings about a book are never influenced by things like free copies, money, friends’ feelings, ships (those last two may be small white lies) or anything outside of the book that we’re reading.

I accept

  • Young Adult novels (fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, post-apocalyptic, thriller are preferred)
  • Middle Grade novels (fantasy is superior here!)
  • Adult novels (thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic)
  • Non-fiction

I do not accept

  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Christian fiction
  • Poetry

What to expect if I accept a book to review

I cross-post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and I also mention the books on Youtube (in at least a wrap up, sometimes a TBR or other form of list) and in my monthly wrap up posts on the blog. If I don’t post a full review, I will at least post about the book somewhere.

When requesting a review, please include whether or not you’d like the review to be posted in a specific time frame. I’m currently under a lot of time constraints, so I’m likely unable to be able to turn around a review quickly.

I cannot always find the time to review the books that I receive. Novels that I request take precedence over all other titles, and unsolicited copies tend to go to the bottom of the pile. If you send a book without me having accepted it, please understand that I have literally hundreds of books that I want to read, and I often cannot find the time to fit those books in.

What to include when you’re requesting

  • Please indicate which platform(s) you’d like the book to be featured on, i.e. my blog, Twitter, Instagram, Booktube
  • Please indicate how you would like me to feature the book, i.e. a review, a haul, a spotlight feature, a recap on Recaptains
  • A synopsis of the book, including a link to the Goodreads page
  • [optional] The time frame in which you’d like the book to be featured


I am currently not charging for reviews or features due to the current world crisis. I want to help promote authors for free at this time [May 2020].