Debut Showcase 2020: Introduction & January 2020 Debut Books

And we’re back in the game! Debut Showcase is an old feature from back in the day when I was posting more regularly, and I wanted to bring it back for 2020 with some new faces and some fresh ideas. I’m so incredibly passionate about promoting debut authors, and due to me wanting to share the love, this feature was born.

What to expect from Debut Showcase

These Debut Showcase posts will be posted throughout the month. The first post of the month will list all of the debuts that are releasing in the upcoming month, as well as the dates I’ll be posting my interviews with the debut authors.

Throughout the month I will be posting my reviews of the debut books, as well as author interviews so you can get to know the authors and their works.

At the end of the month, I’ll be posting a wrap up post that will collect all of these things, PLUS I’ll be including links to posts from other members of the community, PLUS there will be a monthly giveaway in which you can win one debut from that previous month. Sound good? I thought so.

Why bring Debut Showcase back now?

Like I said, I’ve been passionate about promoting debut authors ever since I first started blogging. I launched this feature in 2012, and I was sad when I could no longer keep it up. But now I have the time to do it, and I have the knowledge and the connections to make it into something even bigger, so why not now? Also, having it be a new decade was really motivating for me. 2020 is going to be great!

How can I be involved?

If you’re a blogger, it would greatly help me if you subscribed to my blog and shared my posts! If you know of any debut book that I haven’t featured in my posts, then shoot me a message. There’s always a chance I could miss something. And if you have written your own posts about the book(s), send me the link and I’ll put it in my post! I love to share the love.

I also have a couple of things planned for the coming year (a challenge and a readathon may be on the horizon!)

If you’re a debut author in 2020, feel free to send me a message about your book, as well as telling me whether or not you’d like to be interviewed. If you’re traditionally published, there’s a good chance your book is on my radar anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

All in all, what would really help promote debut authors is engagement and sharing my posts.

Anyway, enough with the rambling. Let me tell you about the debut authors that have books coming out in January 2020!

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Reading, Blogging, and Life Goals for 2020

Goals posts are my absolute favourite things to read on people’s blogs, and I’ve found myself bingeing Booktube videos this past week as well. I’m not really one to take a huge notice of goals or resolutions lately, but I do want to set out a few minor goals in order to look back at them at the end of the year and think I’ve done a good job.

If you’ve written (or posted!) about your 2020 goals, let me know in the comments below so I can come and check out your posts. I love reading about what other people are doing.

Reading Goals for 2020

– Small Goodreads Goal

For the past few years I’ve set my reading goal super low. Like, 5 books low. I no longer enjoy the pressure of trying to read 100+ books a year, so I stopped trying. In 2019, I read over 130 books, and I think I can manage it again in 2020, but I’m going to set a low goal again so I’m not feeling pressured and I don’t have Goodreads nagging at me.

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Cover Reveal: The Murder Game by Rachel Abbott

Today I am part of the cover reveal for Rachel Abbott’s new novel, The Murder Game! I’m beyond thrilled, as this is a book that I’ve been quite excited for ever since I heard great things about Abbott’s first Stephanie King novel, And So It Begins

See below for the cover, and a little bit of information on the book. Let’s build up some hype! The Murder Game is coming out on the 16th of April 2020, so you’ve got some time to catch upon this series if you haven’t already. If you need a refresher on what happened in the first book, keep an eye on Recaptains and we may well be able to help you out with that!

A year ago today, we all gathered for Lucas’s wedding at his glorious Cornish home overlooking the sea.

But no one was married that day.

Now Lucas has invited us back to celebrate the anniversary. But the anniversary of what? The wedding that never happened, or the tragedy that occurred just hours before the ceremony was due to begin?

He’s told us that tonight he has planned a game. We have our costumes, we have our parts, and everyone must play. The game, he tells us, is about to begin.

What does Lucas want from us? What are we not being told? And what’s going to happen when this terrible game is over?

Sounds good, right? If you’re interested, you can check out the book on Goodreads, preorder from Amazon (affiliate link), and go and check out Rachel on Twitter!

ARC Check In #1: December 2019

I wanted to start doing a regular feature to share the review copies that I have, which ones I’m planning on reading soon, and which backlist titles I’d like to aim to read. I figure this way the books get a little more promotion than they would just sitting on my shelves, especially if I don’t get to them immediately.

I would also really love it if you readers could tell me which books I should prioritise, either because you want to see my review or you highly recommend the book. This would be great motivation for me!

I’m still playing around with the format of this post, so the layout may change drastically next month once I’ve figured out what I do and don’t want to include. I’ll get into the groove at some point!

Current NetGalley %: 54% (99/185)

Current Edelweiss %: 70% (116/166)

I would just like to point out that I’ve been using NetGalley for nine years, and my percentage looks awful because some of the ebooks expired before I could get to them. Another reason I’m so behind is that I’ve taken several blogging breaks over the years, and that has meant that I’ve left a lot of review copies unread. I’m partly doing this post to shame myself into reading my e-ARCs, though, and so I’m hoping this percentage will increase by the end of the year.

ARCs for December and January

I don’t have too many review copies to get to for the next couple of months, so that takes the pressure off a bit!

Pending: Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez (blog tour & 2020 debut)

I have four (maybe five if I get approved for Woven in Moonlight) books that I really need to focus on as they’re either part of a blog tour that I’m participating in, or they’re part of a feature that I’ll be doing next year. These, plus the other two that I’d like to get to as a lowkey goal, are all January releases, so I should have plenty of time to get through all of them.


I’ll be honest, I’m in more of a contemporary and thriller mood than anything else at the moment. Therefore I’m actually most drawn to the thrillers and mysteries on the list, especially Six Wicked Reasons. The thrillers are the ARCs that aren’t as urgent, so that’s just typical! I’m also drawn to Spellhacker since it’s a fantasy heist story, so that at least has a bit of mystery cross-over. There aren’t any on this list that I’m not at least a bit excited for, however I’ve never read a Tara Sim book before so I don’t know if I’ll connect with her writing.

Diamond City also sounds like it’ll be a quick read, so I’m feeling really motivated about all of these!

Backlist Titles

I’ve got quite a few backlist titles that I want to get to ASAP, for various reasons. I’ve picked out a few that I need to read in order to recap for Recaptains, and others I’m just really intrigued by but haven’t found the time to read them until now.

Renegades is one I’ve been putting off for ages, and I was going to try to read it before Supernova came out at the beginning of November, but I got distracted. I’ve been putting The Dragon Republic off as well because I’m SCARED, and it’s also freakin’ enormous. I want to prioritise it once I’ve read a couple of my January ARCs though, because I’m desperate to be back in Rin’s world.

I’ve been on a bit of a sci-fi kick, so I’ve added The Pioneer to my Urgents list as I think it’ll be one that I’ll enjoy now that I’m in the mood. I’m currently reading The Girl Who Came Out of the Woods, and I’m expecting to finish it fairly soon, so that’ll be another one knocked off the list. And, finally, I’ve added the graphic novel of To Kill a Mockingbird to the list because that should be a really fast read, especially as I’ve read the original novel before. I also LOVED the original novel, so I’m excited to read it in a new format.

Recently Read

There are a few ARCs that I read recently that I still need to review that should up my numbers a bit. Here’s a quick sneak peek before I get around to reviewing them!

As you can see, there are quite a few that I’ve read recently! I managed to smash through some of my ARCs in November, and a couple of these are from way back when that I never got around to. Look out for reviews in the coming month!

And that’s all! That’s my long winded post about my review copies and how I’m planning on tackling them. I’m really hoping that these posts will be interesting for you and motivational for me. Don’t forget to let me know which books you’d like to hear my opinion on, and I’ll prioritise those!

New Book Releases: December 2019

Every month I like to share my most anticipated new book releases. December is a slightly quieter month compared to the rest of the year (which is probably for the best because I have a lot of catching up to do), but I still have seven books to talk about in this post.

(The links are all affiliate links.)

1. Children of Vice and Virtue by Tomi Adeyemi

Admittedly, I probably won’t be reading this one right away. I didn’t love Children of Blood and Bone (in fact I found it quite boring!) so I’m going to wait for the reviews before I decide whether or not to read this one. Have you read it yet? If so, what did you think? Is it an improvement on the first book?

2. The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

The Wives is about a woman whose husband has two other wives. The main character knows this, but one day she finds a note from one of them and tracks her down – probably out of curiosity. It seems as though one of the wives is being abused by the husband, so I’m hoping the wives are going to team up together and become a badass team. It could go in completely the opposite direction, though.

3. A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh’s first adult thriller! I’ve been rereading her Psy-Changeling series and I had forgotten how easy her books are to read. I’m really looking forward to this one now! A Madness of Sunshine is about a woman who returns to New Zealand, to a town that a small detective is basically running himself. A jogger goes missing, and the two of them have to team up to investigate.

4. Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

A black woman is accused of kidnapping the white toddler that she is babysitting. The mother of the toddler wants to make things right again. I don’t know if this is going to be a small town drama like Little Fires Everywhere, but I’m here for it.

5. Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

This seems to be some sort of rom com about an assistant who has to help a screenwriter beat his writers block. If this is going to be cute, I’m here for it, but I’m worried it’s going to have the woman do all of the work for this really important guy then I’m going to be quite disappointed.

6. Reverie by Ryan La Sala

This is being pitched as Inception meets The Magicians. The main character is found half dead in a river, and after that reality seems a bit off. I loooove parallel universe and timey-wimey fiction, so I’m quite excited for this one!

7. The Weight of a Soul by Elizabeth Tammi

This is about Norse mythology and Vikings! The main hcaracter’s sister dies, and the main character makes a deal with Hela, aka the goddess of Death.

Which new releases are you looking forward to getting your hands on in December? Are you also glad that it’s a bit of a quieter month?