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Author Spotlight: Jenny Han

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while but since I’m now blogging properly again, I figured I would bring back some of my old features back. Slowly but surely. I started this feature in an attempt to highlight some of my favourite authors, and to also motivate myself to read allllll the books. Some of the authors that I’ll be featuring are already popular in the book community, while others are less so but are still coming out with excellent stuff.

This time I’m chatting about Jenny Han! I discovered her books years ago when I first started blogging. I read the first two books in the Summer trilogy just before the third book was released in the UK, and I’ve been reading her books ever since. Han’s books are always really easy to read, and they often have ships. Which is obviously very important to me.

summer trilogy

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Author Spotlight: Morgan Matson

I haven’t added to this feature in more than a year, so I figured I should make an epic comeback. My main problem with posting this feature regularly is that I like to read all of an author’s works before I feature them, and, as you can imagine, there aren’t a huge amount of authors whose entire collection I have read, or authors who have written more than one series. But I’m going to try harder this year, and I already have a bunch of ideas in mind.

For this epic comeback, I’m going to be featuring one of my favourite authors: Morgan Matson! I have enjoyed every single book of hers so far, and Morgan is such a sweetheart on social media that it makes me really happy to shout at you all about her books.

morgan matson 1

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Author Spotlight: Rachel Vincent

The second author I wanted to feature on my blog is one of my all time favourite authors. I’ve been reading Rachel Vincent’s books since I was in high school, and I’ve gone on to follow her work and read (almost) everything she has brought out. I just love her writing style as it’s so easy to read, and her female characters are so snarky and brilliant. The Shifters series had, admittedly, a few problematic themes and moments, but other than that I adore her books and you probably will too if you read them!

shifters series

The Shifters series is the first of Vincent’s works that I read, way back when I was still in school in 2009. The series is based around a female werecat called Faythe, who is called back to her pride when a Stray attacks and she needs to return a) for her own protection, and b) to help find a missing werecat. It’s an action-packed series, and I read it while I was experiencing my shifter obsessed, which meant it was right up my street. I remember loving the character development that Faythe went through, although I wasn’t a fan of the love triangle or which couple was endgame. I was very unimpressed by that aspect! Nevertheless, Rachel Vincent has a captivating writing style and writes the best snarky characters, so after finishing this series I was ready for whatever she was going to throw at me next.

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Author Spotlight: Emery Lord

One of my “unofficial” goals for 2015 is to get more authors involved with my blog. I really want to take the time to get to know the authors behind some of my favourite books, and to also show other people how awesome they are. With this Author Spotlight feature I will be showing off the authors’ books, giving away some of them (depending on what my money situation is like each month!) and just generally fangirling over some of the masterminds behind my favourite stories.

The spectacular honour of kicking off this new feature of mine goes to Emery Lord, author of Open Road Summer and The Start of Me and You. I have read both books, and really enjoyed both of them. I don’t think TSOMAY beat ORS in terms of overall feels, but it was still a great contemporary read.

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