LGBT Month

The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

The Night Watch by Sarah WatersThe Night Watch by Sarah Waters
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 1st March, 2011
Publisher: Little Brown Young Readers
Source: Bought
Add it: Goodreads
Rating: three-stars

Moving back through the 1940s, through air raids, blacked-out streets, illicit partying, and sexual adventure, to end with its beginning in 1941, "The Night Watch" tells the story of four Londoners-three women and a young man with a past-whose lives, and those of their friends and lovers, connect in tragedy, stunning surprise and exquisite turns, only to change irreversibly in the shadow of a grand historical event.

First of all: look at that hideous cover XD I’ve never seen a cover as tragic as that and yes, it is the cover of the edition I bought. Secondly: this was recc’d by Lauren for… what the hell month are we in now? April, I think it was because this month she’s making me read a horror *prepares the stake and holy water*

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LGBT Month


 LGBT Month is hosted by Cayce at Fighting Dreamer and Laura at Laura Plus Books. It runs throughout April and it’s here to celebrate LGBT readers, LGBT authors and of course LGBT books!

This event was actually found by Judith, I think, because I’d been wondering about LGBT events and if I could participate in any. I’m really excited about doing this tbh, not least because this month I’ve got at least three books lined up which have LGBT elements XD I kinda love that things like this exist in the book community and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Okay, so these are the books I’m gonna read for this event throughout April:

1. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz, which I preordered LAST YEAR and finally have.

2. The Night Watch by Sarah Waters, Lauren‘s Epic Rec for April which she assures me has lesbians. More books about girls being with girls t b h.

3. More Than This by bane of my existence Patrick Ness, I think the main dude is gay? I don’t know, the cover is very ambiguous but I believe Lauren when she tells me these things. Also hopefully Amber and I are gonna do a readalong for this book, which should be fun. Or possibly end in double suicide idk you never know with Patrick Ness.