Books of Amber was created in May 2010 when Amber decided to review The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. However, Amber swiftly quit blogging immediately after because she was too nervous about putting her work out there. She made an epic comeback (that nobody knew about because Books of Amber had no readers back then, and it wasn’t even called Books of Amber) in September 2010 and is now here to stay.

Amber’s main reason for wanting to start a blog was that none of her friends were big readers, and she found that she was storming through books over the summer (when she probably should have been studying for her A Levels), and she wanted to talk about them with someone. That someone became many someones, and through book blogging Amber has discovered a fantastic hobby, and met dozens of brilliant people.

Over the past nine years, the blog has grown substantially and Amber recruited Tatum, a friend and fellow bookworm who she met on a Vampire Diaries forum. Yes, it was weird, but it was the start of an epic twinship. Books of Amber primarily focuses on spreading the word about awesome YA novels, but since Tatum joined the team and Amber stopped taking any notice of her to be read pile, the types of reviews that are posted have become a lot more eclectic. Tatum quit blogging a couple of years ago because life got in the way.

1410604263About Amber

I am twenty six years old and I refuse to admit that I’m growing up. I live in the English countryside in a large village that has more restaurants than actual shops that I want to shop in, which is probably why I have developed a love for travelling. I first went abroad when I was two years old, but growing up we didn’t have spare money to throw into holidays, so my travelling feet became very itchy. But in 2013 I scored a job as an editor at a translation company (and have since become a supervisor), and now I want to travel the world.

I’ve always been an avid reader, probably because my home life was kind of rubbish most of the time up until I was eighteen, and reading was the perfect escape. The coloured reading groups at school were the bane of my life because I was too shy to read out loud properly, and the teachers equated that with having poor reading comprehension. Eventually, I threw a giant tantrum and I was then allowed to read whatever I wanted.

I started off with Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo, and moved onto Jacqueline Wilson, Darren Shan, and Malorie Blackman. After reading most of what they had to offer, I fell into an Urban Fantasy phase at fourteen and started reading all sorts of books about vampires and werewolves and their badassery (and also sex lives, oops), and by sixteen I was reading things from every genre. I eventually got back into Young Adult fiction at an obscene level, and started a blog. We can all thank The Hunger Games and Twilight for that. Since then, I’ve grown as a person and my mindset is totally different to how it was a few years ago. I’ve met the best people, and made the best friends in the entire world. From all over the world. I can honestly say that blogging has changed my life, and I never want to stop.


Books of Amber has followers. Who knows how many? Amber no longer knows how to count them, nor does she really worry about it. There are currently over 800 subscribers on Bloglovin’, 200 followers on Feedly, 700 followers on Instagram, 3500 followers on Twitter, and 3300 subscribers on Youtube, but that’s the extent of our knowledge. Since we are not blogging for statistics or for free books, the numbers don’t really matter to us; the content does. Oop at us.