#ARCAugust Midpoint Check-in

It’s just past the midway point of this year’s ARC August, and since I didn’t do an introduction post on my blog (but I did do a TBR on my Booktube channel!) I wanted to update you all on how I’m doing. If you’re taking part in ARC August, let me know in the comments below and we can cheer each other on!

As you can see, I’m slightly behind where I would like to be by this point in the month. I definitely need to work on The Smoke Thieves, and I’ll then be prioritising Kingdom of Souls and War Girls (not in the graphic because this is the OG image). If I manage to get through at least those then I’ll be happy! Once those are done, I’ll be reading whatever I feel like, which perhaps includes some ARCs that aren’t on this list. The reason for choosing these backlist titles in particular (Renegades, The Edge of Everything, The Smoke Thieves, Ash Princess) is that I want to recap the books for Recaptains, and so I need to actually read them first. I’ve got faith that I can manage at least a couple of them, especially because I have a holiday coming up towards the end of the month during which I’m planning on cramming in a lot of reading.

How are you doing this month? Have your TBR lists changed at all since you put them together? I’ll be back at the start of September to let you all know how I got on.

2 comments on “#ARCAugust Midpoint Check-in

  1. Shelly Z 18/08/2019 3:02 pm

    You’re doing well!! There’s still plenty of days left of the month, you got this!!

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