Monthly Wrap Up: September 2018


Me in September

September turned out to be a pretty freakin’ great month for me. I did a tonne of stuff that I am really proud of, like going to the gym after work (the busiest time) by myself for the first time, going to a large wedding where I didn’t know anyone but Quill, and I handled my job like a boss. I also managed to get ahead with scheduling posts for October, which means this blog will no longer be dead!

At the beginning of the month, Quill and I went on holiday to the Peak District, where we did a lot of walking, conquered Quill’s fear of cows, and went in some underground caves. It was a lovely holiday, and we were super lucky with the weather. On the way back, Quill surprised me by taking me to a cat cafe in Nottingham, which was adorable, and then I drove us home.

Another thing Quill surprised me with was tickets to see Jurassic Park (my favourite movie ever) in concert in Brighton. It was incredible. They played the movie and a live orchestra accompanied it. I teared up a lot.

On top of all of that, I’m also keeping up with my Booktube channel, and also meeting tonnes of new Booktubers and bloggers. I’m loving the book community right now!

How did your month go?

Books Read

1. A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers ★★★★★
2. The Girl Before by J. P. Delaney ★★
3. Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire ★★★
4. Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake ★★★
5. Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers ★★★★★
6. Fire by Kristin Cashore ★★★
7. An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena ★★★
8. Sadie by Courtney Summers ★★★★★

Book of the Month

record of a spaceborn few

Looking Ahead

October is looking to be slightly less busy than September, thankfully! But that’s mostly just because we’re not going on holiday. I’m really looking forward to keeping my blogging going, and no, I’m not just saying that because you guys are here. I’ve been really enjoying being back into it, and just in time for my eight year anniversary!

I’m really looking forward to Halloween, and the general spookiness that comes with October. I haven’t yet had my annual pumpkin spice latte (I’m not addicted, but I feel like I need to have at least one), so there’s also that. I’m looking forward to picking out some spooky reads, and joining in with a couple of different readathons and challenges.

Speaking of readathons, the 24 hour readathon is coming up this month and OH MY GOD, I’m so excited. I am, unfortunately, going to be out during the day on the 20th, but I’m planning on spending all of Sunday reading to make up for it.

What are your plans for October?

13 comments on “Monthly Wrap Up: September 2018

  1. Justine 02/10/2018 4:34 pm

    Yay! For an amazing September! I see you’ve read Sadie, I have cried over that book it was amazingly written.

    And here’s for another amazing month, October!

    • Amber 03/10/2018 9:27 pm

      Ugh, it was wonderful!

  2. Kelsey 02/10/2018 4:54 pm

    Oh wow that is so many books that you have read! I look forward to watching your videos on your booktube 🙂

    • Amber 03/10/2018 9:28 pm

      I tried really hard haha

  3. Amalee 02/10/2018 6:58 pm

    Yay for september! An amazing wrap up, you read so many books!

  4. Nicola 03/10/2018 11:05 am

    I’ve always wanted to go to a Cat cafe! How was the Jurassic Park concert? You’ve had an awesome month!

    • Amber 03/10/2018 9:30 pm

      The cat cafe was adorable and I want to go back already. Jurassic Park was wonderful! I got so emotional. The orchestra were reaaaally into it.

  5. Annemieke 03/10/2018 12:47 pm

    Becky Chambers’ books are just so good

  6. Daniella 07/10/2018 10:55 am

    You’ve had such a fun-filled month! The Harry Potter inspired cafe looks amazing!

    Daniella x

  7. Daniella 07/10/2018 11:00 am

    Ooh I’d love to go to the Peak District! Did you have a nice time?

    Looking at the books you’ve read, Sadie sounds amazing. I really must get my hands on a copy soon.

    Daniella x

    • Amber 07/10/2018 11:59 am

      The Peak District was amazing. We did a tonne of walking. I think we calculated it to be about 30 miles in total over the few days we were there! It was gorgeous as well.

      YES! Definitely try to pick up Sadie.

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