New Releases: August 2017

august new releases 1

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

I don’t usually read movie tie-ins but this doesn’t really count. I want to read more about Wonder Woman!

A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor

This one is about two sisters, so obviously I have to read it.

The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby

I keep getting told that I need to read Kirby’s books so I might try this one. Maybe. The cover creeps me out a bit though.

august new releases 2

When I Am Through With You by Stephanie Kuehn

This sounds like a revenge/confession thriller type thing. YES.

You Don’t Know Me But I Know You by Rebecca Barrow

An adopted girl gets to know her biological mother through letters, and then she also gets pregnant. I’ll probably cry.

The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski


3 comments on “New Releases: August 2017

  1. czai 04/08/2017 6:35 pm

    the hype for Wonder Woman: Warbringer is crazy that it actually made me want to try the book. yup, the hype gets to me. hahaha. I like that A Map for Wrecked Girls is about sisters — gonna read that one because of that fact alone.

  2. Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra 10/08/2017 2:18 am

    I’m anxious to read Wonder Woman: Warbringer too. I definitely have Wonder Woman fever after watching the movie this summer!

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