Monthly Wrap Up: November 2015


Me in November

November was a hectic but fabulous month. I started off the month in the USA with my best friend and her family, who have become an American branch of my own family. We did lots of awesome things like go on a Navy warship, 2am Waffle House trips, hide-and-seek around the neighbourhood in the dark, and hiking.

It was also my birthday on the 14th, for which a group of friends and I went for an Indian at Brick Lane in London, and then we went off to the Big Chill Bar. It was a pretty awesome night, although I couldn’t eat all of my food because I accidentally drank too much Prosecco beforehand and I got a little bit tipsy by the time the food arrived.

Overall, November was a good month. Work was awfully busy, and I had hardly any free time, but still. Good.

Books Read

1. Stoner by John Williams ★★★
2. Winter by Marissa Meyer ★★★★

So, yeah. That happened. November was my worst reading month ever. I don’t know how I did it.

Book of the Month

winter marissa meyer

On the Blog

  • I posted my first discussion post in months (years?), asking what you thought of monthly TBR lists. Can you defeat them?
  • I reviewed The Martian in my Books in Motion post. It was a fantastic movie and I adored everything about it. Matt Damon did a fantastic job with playing Mark Watney, and I loved the humour and everything.
  • Speaking of Books in Motion, I talked a lot about book to movie adaptations.
  • I reviewed The Lies of Locke Lamora, which is probably my favourite book of the year. It’s in my top three, anyway!
  • I’ll be rewatching The 100 over the next two months in preparation for season three, and you should join us!

Movies & TV

  • Jane the Virgin – I started watching this because Terri started shouting at me about it, thinking I had already seen season one. Which I hadn’t. But I slowly watched this throughout November, and now I’ve watched the whole of the first season. I think it’s adorable. Jane is the sweetest, and I relate to her a lot in the sense that I’m a major planner whose plans don’t always work out. I also love the whole telenovela vibe it’s got going on.
fist bump!

fist bump!

  • Star Wars – Dee, Carlos, and I started marathoning this when I was in the USA. Dee kept falling asleep because she’s a failure, but we got up to Return of the Jedi before we stopped. I had never watched the movies in their (supposed) chronological order before, and I actually ended up somewhat enjoying the prequels. I DIDN’T MEAN TO.

han solo

  • Mockingjay Part 2 – I went to see this with my friend Hannah, who hasn’t read the books, and I think my reactions almost gave her a heart attack. During the sewer scene I was hiding behind my hands, nearly crying, and Hannah was kind of like O___o. But anyway, I loved the movie. I think the two Mockingjays are my favourite out of the four movies, which is weird because it’s my least favourite book. Finnick will forever be my favourite character, and this series will always have a piece of my heart. No, it’s not my favourite series ever and I’m not a giant fangirl (apart from for Finnick), but The Hunger Games was the first book I “reviewed” on this blog, and Mockingjay is the reason I picked up blogging again after a minor false start.


Looking Forward

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Almost. I’m excited about everything to do with Christmas right now. Firstly, my company’s Christmas party is next week and that’s always fun (with free food and wine. YES). I am also taking part in #TBTBSanta, and I can’t wait to see my recipient’s reaction to the presents I got her. We’re also doing a Secret Santa at work, although I don’t know who I’m paired with just yet.

On Friday night, my village opens up for a Fun Night, where the shops all open late and they give away free food and drink, and there are presents and a French Christmas market and it’s all lovely. If it’s not raining.

I’m just looking forward to Christmas in general! And for a break from all the craziness.


2 comments on “Monthly Wrap Up: November 2015

  1. Kaylie @ Potterhead Reviews 01/12/2015 2:32 pm

    I saw Mockingjay Part 2 as well this month but I went with a friend who had read the books and who is a major Finnick fan. It’s fun to go with someone who gasps at the same time as you do. Like in the scene where they’re about to go down to the sewers we were both like: NO YOU WON’T! BAD IDEA! TURN AROUND! It was probably the last time we did this and I don’t have any other fangirl friends besides her so now I’m sad.
    HA sorry, didn’t mean to get all depressing up in here.

    I’m looking forward to Christmas too (who doesn’t honestly). I started watching Jane the Virgin as well and I’m all caught up now. Sucks there’s no new episode for two weeks!

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