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Gillian @ Writer of Wrongs thought it would be fun to tag me in this awesome award/tag thing. I’m not really sure what it is, all I know is that you answer a bunch of questions and then come up with some yourself and tag people to answer them. As a booktuber, it is known that I enjoy a good tag post or video. I haven’t written many on this blog, but since I was actually tagged for once and I actually remembered FOR ONCE, I thought I would do it.

My Answers

1. Which book do you own the most copies of or authors do you own the most books from?

I own four copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in four different languages. I love languages, and I currently work for a translation company, so I have decided to make this my little project. At the moment I own the book in English (obviously), Spanish, German, and Dutch. All of these are languages that I can either speak moderately well (Spanish and English) or that I am learning, so by the end of 2015 I would like to be able to read at least one of them (preferably Dutch because it would be the most challenging and then I can quote the book to Judith and Mel) in its entirety.

2. What book(s) do you think deserves more hype?

I have so many answers to this question, but right now I mostly want to freak out about Far From You by Tess Sharpe (a murder mystery/thriller with a bisexual main character), Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson (Peter Pan retelling focussed on Tiger Lily from Tinkerbell’s point of view), and The Saga of Darren Shan (vampires, but awesome ones).

3. *whistles innocently* Seen any good TV lately?


clarke griffin

I don’t

bellamy blake




the 100

4. Do you have any secret talents or quirks?

Yes, so many because I am an extremely talented person. My most impressive on is my Stitch imitation.

5. What was your favorite book of the last month?

Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson. I love thrillers and I love stories about memory loss so this was perfect all round.

6. How did you start reading YA?

Everyone has a cool story for this question but I’ve got nothing. I’ve always read a variety of books from different genres and age categories, and I guess that always included YA as well. Back in 2009 and 2010, I started to read YA a little more exclusively than before. I started off with marathoning Twilight, and then The Mortal Instruments, and then moved onto The Hunger Games and a couple of other series before I finally started my blog in September 2010. For a year or two after that, I read very few books that would be classed as Adult, but now I’m back to reading just about anything.

7. What food are you craving right this minute?

I just ate but I wouldn’t pass up some chocolate, preferably Galaxy. Or Lindt. OMG someone get me some Lindt chocolate.

8. What’s your Hogwarts House and why?

Pottermore says that I’m a Ravenclaw, although personally I think I’m more of a Slytherin. Yes, I’m intelligent and I love learning, but I think I also use my intelligence for more cunning means. What I really like about the HP houses is that they overlap, and just because you’re friendly or a good finder, doesn’t mean you can’t also be a brave and loyal friend. Clearly, I have thought about this a lot.

TL;DR: Slytherin, because I’m awesome.

9. If you could make any fictional animal your pet, who would it be?

Nagini. A Pygmy Puff which I would name Gnasher.

10. What’s your superpower? (Not which one do you want, but which one do you have?)

Would it be arrogant to say hyper-intelligence or hyper-awareness? And if I could turn anxiety into a superpower then I definitely have that. OH, I know! Multi-shipping. It’s totally a superpower.


And that’s that. I don’t have anyone to tag because I’m pretty sure all of my friends have done this already. But if you haven’t and you want to do it, tag away!

4 comments on “Sisterhood of the World Blogging Tag

  1. Rebecca 05/12/2014 3:00 pm

    I CANNOT EVEN. We share the same talent. I can impersonate Stitch, too! This is awesome.

    Also, you like The 100? I’d never know.

  2. Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews 05/12/2014 7:53 pm

    DANGIT AMBER you can’t just throw THE HUG gif out there. Now I’m all distracted and teary-eyed. This show has taken over the part of my brain that used to think about my TBR pile and like … everything else. Now my thoughts are 50% whatever I’m currently doing, 25% things I need to do later, and 25% Bellarke and how to make my bestie understand that FLARKE is so not happening.(I know. I KNOW.)

  3. Ebony @ Daring Damsels 06/12/2014 4:43 am

    Ooh, I’ve obviously got to get around to reading Far From You and Tiger Lily sooner rather than later! LINDT CHOCOLATE. OH MY GOD. It’s the best. I love their little Lindor balls. Aw, having a pygmy puff would be totally adorable! Now I want one…

    Oh, there’s that “The 100” show again…maybe I should watch that one day…hmm.

  4. Mel@thedailyprophecy 16/12/2014 8:30 pm

    Go ahead and quote as much from HP as you can, that will be fun 😀 TIGER LILY deserves all the love. I’m always a mixture of Ravenclaw/Slytherin. Multi-shipping is already your superpower, the same for pushing TV shows on people 😀

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