Debutathon: Kick Off and TBR

debutathon (1)

This party is a-go! The Debutathon starts right now for those of us in the UK. For everyone else, it has either already started (looking at you, Australia, Asia, and the rest of Europe!) or will start in a few hours (Hawaii will have to wait a while though). I wasn’t able to stay up until midnight to see this thing off, but I will be up at 6AM to start reading before work at 8.30AM.┬áHere’s my current plan:

debutathon tbr

What are you planning on reading? There are so many books to choose from, I don’t know how I managed to only pick out four. I would have chosen a few more but I think even four books is a stretch.

If you want to know more about the Debutathon then you can┬áread my post here. Basically, it’s a week-long readathon focussed on debut authors of 2014. There will be plenty of posts involved, and hopefully lots of reading! You can also watch my videos below on the topic if you’d rather do that than read. You know, just in case you want to save your reading energy for the actual books.

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