Monthly Wrap Up and Giveaway: May 2014


On the Blog

A lot of good stuff happened on the blog this month! My book club discussed Vicious by Victoria Schwab, which was a hit with two of us, a disappointment to one, and the fourth member of the gang hasn’t finished it yet. I shared my thoughts on The Secrets of Lily Graves, which was great, Stolen, which I also really enjoyed because ELENA, and The Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Mutant City was a let down, though. Why can’t I have an epic book about people with superpowers? Oh, wait, I do. Another let down was Don’t Call Me Baby, but The Art of Lainey and The Secret Diamond Sisters were good!

Tatum talked about a whole bunch of stuff this month, included the mermaid novel which wasn’t the hit she was hoping for: Deep Blue. She also ranted about Heart of Darkness, made me want to read Cane River RIGHT. NOW., and shared her thoughts on Cuckoo Song and The Geography of You and Me.

I shared my thoughts on the horrific/terrible/mess of an adaptation that was the Vampire Academy movie. Trust me, it was terrible. I also shared some things that surprised me when I visited the USA, and I started a new feature: Famous Last Words! On my Youtube channel I introduced a new feature called Genre Fix, which I’m thinking about bringing over to the blog. What do you think?

Me in May

Again, I have no life. I spent a lot of May either with a cold or with an eye infection, which are not fun. We had a couple of bank holidays so that meant I had a couple of long weekends! It was sunny in England for a few days, which was lovely. And, probably the most exciting of all, I joined the gym! My current plan is to go at least four days each week, and I want to tone my stomach before I go to Germany in July. I took a couple of days off due to the bloody eye infection (which meant I couldn’t go swimming) but I’m on track now and I can’t wait to do more! My gym offers some great group classes such as pilates, studio cycling, and body conditioning, so I hope to try all of those out at some point since they are free with my membership!

Books Read

1. Mutant City by Steve Feasey (*)
2. Saga, Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (****)
3. Day of the Predator by Alex Scarrow (***)
4. Get Even by Gretchen McNeil (****)
5. Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong (****)
6. A Dance With Dragons, Part One: Dreams and Dust by George R. R. Martin (***)
7. Half Bad by Sally Green (*)
8. Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong (****)
9. The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes (***)
10. The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Robin Palmer (***)
11. Saga, Volume Two by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (****)
12. Saga, Volume Three by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (***)
13. Feed by Mira Grant (****)
14. A Dance With Dragons, Part Two: After the Feat by George R. R. Martin (****)

Book of the Month Giveaway



This giveaway is a little different from my usual ones, because my Book of the Month (Dime Store Magic) is the third book in a series. To make this giveaway appeal to more people, and to introduce more people to the amazing world that Kelley Armstrong has created, I will be giving away any book from the Women of the Otherworld series. So if you haven’t started it yet you can request the first, or if you’re in the middle of the series you can request whichever book you like! Awesome, no? I thought it was a good idea, anyway.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Looking Forward To…

Blogwise I am looking forward to continuing on with my new features that I started in April and May! I’ve loved doing both Books in Motion and Famous Last Words, so expect more where those came from. I’m also going to be sharing more thoughts regarding my trip to the USA, and I want to maybe post a couple of discussions in June. In real life, I’m looking forward to going to the gym, to my mum’s birthday, and, of course, to reading!

32 comments on “Monthly Wrap Up and Giveaway: May 2014

  1. Sarah Gibbs 01/06/2014 2:19 pm

    I haven’t read any of this series yet, but if in general annabeth Chase

    • Amber 01/06/2014 6:09 pm

      I did mean generally 😀 From Percy Jackson? YAAASSSS

  2. Goreti 01/06/2014 2:35 pm

    Probably Katniss, because she’s a badass!

    • Amber 01/06/2014 6:12 pm

      I love Katniss. Good choice!

  3. Rachelle 01/06/2014 2:39 pm

    I really like Ali from the Alice in Zombieland books. Thanks for the giveaway! XD

    • Amber 01/06/2014 6:12 pm

      You’re welcome!

  4. Samantha 01/06/2014 2:58 pm

    Great wrap up. Congrats on reading 14 books during May, that’s incredible! The Women of the Otherworld sounds so interesting and I’m intrigued to discover what Paige has going on.

    • Amber 01/06/2014 6:13 pm

      Thank you! I can’t believe I read so many! WOTO is FANTASTIC, I love it. Obviously. You should give it a go 😀

  5. Mel@thedailyprophecy 01/06/2014 3:40 pm

    It’s great that you joined the gym. I’m such a terrible, terrible lazy person, but I could use some more movement. The 1 times a week running doesn’t feel like enough.. So, way to go Amber 😀

    Happy reading in June!

    • Amber 01/06/2014 6:14 pm

      I have to actually motivate myself to go now! I’m determined not to waste my money.

  6. Bea Tejano 01/06/2014 4:50 pm

    Definitely Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games 🙂 thanks!

    • Amber 01/06/2014 6:17 pm

      Fantastic choice, I must say!

  7. miki 01/06/2014 6:22 pm

    Mercy thompson from Patricia briggs ( tie with Kate daniels from ilona andrews)
    thank you a lot for this giveaway i would be happy to complete my series

  8. Kyra 01/06/2014 7:20 pm

    Looks like you read some amazing books! I want to read The Art of Lainey and Half Bad 🙂

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    “”>My Wrap-Up Post!

  9. Claire 01/06/2014 7:39 pm

    My favorite female character is number 6 from the Lorien Legacies series!

  10. Claire 01/06/2014 7:40 pm

    My favorite female character is Number Six from the Lorien Legacies Series!

  11. Laura 01/06/2014 8:15 pm

    Favourite female character.. Right now it’s probably Ruby (The Darkest Minds! 🙂

  12. Steveinie 02/06/2014 2:30 am

    My favorite female character has to be Anita Blake!

  13. Rachel 02/06/2014 1:43 pm

    Favourite female character… I would go with Hermione, but it’s a bit obvious. Prof. McGonagall was highly under-rated! In the spirit of the new Immortal Instruments, I’ll go with Clary. Quite fond of her.

  14. Zoe 02/06/2014 4:15 pm

    I really love Tris from Divergent!

  15. Krystle 02/06/2014 4:37 pm

    I really enjoyed your Vampire Academy review and your posts about coming to America. 🙂

  16. samhain 02/06/2014 6:42 pm

    I adore Sansa Stark from ASOIAF!

  17. Judith 02/06/2014 8:30 pm

    I am totally entering your giveaway because I’m pretty sure you’re going to push this series on me eventually. Or else Lauren will threaten/potentially harm me. God. You’re all so scary. Favorite female character. DO YOU HAVE A WHILE? My latest favorite is obviously Elisa because I love that she starts off insecure but then grows into this beautiful amazing warrior queen I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Also on my list of favorite BAMFs: Rose Hathaway (obviously), Katniss Everdeen, and Celaena Sardothien. Oh, and Hermione, because REASONS. (*cough* I want to be her.)

    I will be commenting on your other posts soon but now I have to go read a classic for school, bah. And daaaaaaaaaaamn, you read a lot of books. Teach me your ways.

  18. Miranda @ Tempest Books 03/06/2014 2:54 am

    Oh my god, way to ask the HARDEST question ever!! I don’t think I can even pick :/ Like somebody said above, I really like Katniss. Also, Hermione. But those are such generic answers lol. I like the MC from the Something Strange and Deadly series…she’s a good balance between badass and feminine.

  19. Lisa is Busy Nerding 06/06/2014 4:36 am

    DANG GIRL. Best female character ever?!
    It’s a tie. Obviously.

  20. Rinn 06/06/2014 9:23 pm

    Genre Fix on the blog would be a great feature 😀 DO ITTTTTTTTTTT.

    Also, I’m so glad you caught up with A Song of Ice and Fire. You don’t need to worry about spoilers now 😉

  21. Rebecca 09/06/2014 5:21 am

    Hmm, fave female character? Rose Hathaway. Also, thanks for the chance to win a book from the series! I’ve had the first book on my TBR for a few months now and I really like the sound of it. Glad you’re enjoying the series!

  22. Heather 10/06/2014 11:08 am

    Isobel from mortal instruments!

  23. Sabrina 11/06/2014 7:01 pm

    My favorite female character is Sansa Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire!

  24. Debbie 13/06/2014 6:32 pm

    Looks like a great series.

  25. Tryphena 15/06/2014 11:26 am

    Absolutely Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games . I just love her personalities & I can’t wait for the final movie this November ! Omg !!

  26. Prachi 21/06/2014 4:07 am

    I love Clary from the Mortal Instruments. I love her personality and her curiosity.

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