Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. MaasCrown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
Series: Throne of Glass #2
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: August 15, 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens
Source: Gift
Add it: Goodreads
Rating: three-half-stars

Eighteen-year-old Celaena Sardothien is bold, daring and beautiful – the perfect seductress and the greatest assassin her world has ever known. But though she won the King’s contest and became his champion, Celaena has been granted neither her liberty nor the freedom to follow her heart. The slavery of the suffocating salt mines of Endovier that scarred her past is nothing compared to a life bound to her darkest enemy, a king whose rule is so dark and evil it is near impossible to defy. Celaena faces a choice that is tearing her heart to pieces: kill in cold blood for a man she hates, or risk sentencing those she loves to death. Celaena must decide what she will fight for: survival, love or the future of a kingdom. Because an assassin cannot have it all . . . And trying to may just destroy her.

Love or loathe Celaena, she will slice open your heart with her dagger and leave you bleeding long after the last page of the highly anticipated sequel in what is undeniably THE hottest new fantasy series.

Crown of Midnight is a book that I hadn’t planned on reading at all. I read Throne of Glass when it was first released, and I liked it. And that’s it. It was an okay book, but nothing particularly stood out to me. And then Epic Recs started and Judith sent me a copy of the book, so I couldn’tΒ not read it because that would be rude. And the British are never rude. (*snorts*)

I liked Celaena a lot more in this book. I think it’s because Maas made her a slightly more sympathetic character compared to how she was in Throne of Glass. We got to read about some more of Celaena’s background and upbringing, and the focus was more on her than it was about the plot or the other characters. Because Celaena, to an extent, was the plot. And this was great. We got see her do her badass thing, but we also saw the softer side of her and, as we learnt more about her, I grew to kind of really, really like her. Which shocked me, because I didn’t feel either way about her in Throne of Glass.

I did not, however, warm up to Chaol. I didn’t like him in Throne of Glass, and I don’t like him all that much in Crown of Midnight because he is so bloody boring. I hope he actually does something in Heir of Fire, because the poor guy needs a decent storyline. Maybe that would be enough to make me like him, but right now I am so bored of his presence.

Dorian, on the other hand, is hella interesting. He’s my favourite of the two leading guys, obviously, because he actually has a personality. I always enjoy his sarcasm and the banter between him and Celaena is fabulous. Plus, Dorian actually has stuff going on. He’s learning more about himself and uncovering secrets and mysteries, and I want to read about ALL THE DORIAN AND CELAENA. And none for Chaol, bye.

I’m looking forward to the characters developing more as the series progresses, because Maas did a great job in Crown of Midnight and I’m sure that, with four more books to come, the characters are all going to get the storyline and development that they deserve. Yes, even Chaol. *rolls eyes*

I find myself really enjoying this fantasy world as we explore it in bits and pieces. The magical elements are very much underlying throughout much of the book, since magic is a no-no, and when the fantastical elements do come into play everything gets crazy and they have a huge impact on everyone, including the reader.

I cannot wait to explore more of the world that Maas has created, and I am sure that, thanks to the ending of Crown of Midnight, we’re about to see a lot more of it. I would liken it to the characters moving out of King’s Landing and going to explore Essos and the North. (I’m still reading A Dance With Dragons, hence the comparison.)

The plot was fast paced and action packed, and it felt a lot tighter than Throne of Glass. Sarah J. Maas’ writing and storytelling has greatly improved, and I think it’s going to get even better in Heir of Fire.

I think that even if you didn’t enjoy Throne of Glass all that much (as long as you didn’t hate it), you should probably check out Crown of Midnight to see if you end up enjoying it more, like I did. Judith @ Paper Riot forced me into reading Crown of Midnight, even though I had assured her over and over again that the first book was very average and unmemorable, and I gave in and read it, and I ended up really liking it. The ending is crazy, and the thrilling story in this one is enough to get you hooked. I can’t wait to read Heir of Fire in the autumn!

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11 comments on “Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

  1. Iona 04/06/2014 1:13 pm

    Haha YES! Finally someone else who just does not dig Chaol. I constantly see people fangirling over him on Twitter and I’m just there like “I don’t get it.” He’s such a wet flannel, and more than that he’s they very reason one of my favourite characters in the book died. How can people still like him after that? Blech. I hope Maas stops with all the Chaol/ Celaena mushy crap. If Celaena got over Sam she can get over Chaol, hopefully.

    • Amber 07/06/2014 12:28 pm

      Bahaha, we’re definitely the odd balls when it comes to Chaol. Everyone loves the silent type! “a wet flannel” I am WHEEZING. This is the perfect way to describe him. Hahahahaha. I’m hoping that, after the ending of CoM and where the characters are now, they’ll start to grow into different people. Then they’ll realise that what worked for them before in ToG and CoM, doesn’t work any more. I could write a fanfic about it!

  2. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads 05/06/2014 5:37 am

    I’m glad I read this review! I haven’t started the series yet, but it’s SO helpful to read a non-glowing review, just to balance out my expectations. I don’t want to end up disappointed and/or the ONLY person ever who doesn’t fall head over heels for the story!

    P.S. Just finished the first Song of Ice and Fire book — loooooooooved it!!!!!!

    • Amber 07/06/2014 12:29 pm

      Happy to help! This series isn’t brilliant, in my opinion, but it’s certainly entertaining! At least, Crown of Midnight is. And Calaena is pretty awesome.

      HEEEEEEEE, when are you starting A Clash of Kings?!

      • Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads 07/06/2014 4:37 pm

        Really soon!!!! I’m just waiting for the audio from the library πŸ™‚

  3. Judith 05/06/2014 9:23 am

    HEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! I am sooooo glad you have HoF for review though we both know I would have sent it to you otherwise anyway. I definitely agree Maas’s storytelling has very much improved in this one, and I’ve heard HoF is even better still. Still, CHAOL IS WONDERFUL OKAY. He’s strong and silent and endearing and I love him. I love Dorian as well, but CHAOOOLLLLLLLL. Oh well, more for me.

    • Amber 07/06/2014 12:30 pm


      I am also glad because after the ending of CoM, I’m craving more Celaena. I want to see what happens! I really hope that the story gets even better. I guess practice makes perfect! “Stron and silent and endearing”… well, you got the silent part right XD DORIAN THOUGH

  4. Lisa is Busy Nerding 06/06/2014 4:07 am

    I want to be head over heels for this series like everyone else. Really, I do.

    I hear you all the way with Dorian having a super rad storyline and like Stuff Going On and I respect that a ton. I also dig that Caelena had a bit more going on with her this time instead of just pretty+badass+hottest girl on the block, you know?

    And now you are done with ADwD. Mwahahaha.

    • Amber 07/06/2014 12:32 pm

      We are soulmates, hai.

      Dorian’s storyline is shaping up to be EPIC, as is Celaena’s. Chaol’s, on the other hand… what. Maybe he’ll improve in the next book πŸ˜€

      I am indeed, and I’m going to be regretting catching up with the series foreverrrrrrr.

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