Book Haul: June 2014

I haven’t done a book haul in a while, mostly because I have completely forgotten to post one. I really need to start doing these more regularly! These are the books that I bought between April and the beginning of June. I have a bunch more books to show you, but I didn’t want to go too OTT in this post so you can wait until next month to see those! Plus, at the time of writing this all of my books are in boxes, so taking photos would be impossible.


Saga, Vol. 1 – 3 by Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I bought these graphic novels after I saw Bri rave about them. I flew through them, and now I’m kind of regretting it because I don’t want to have to wait until next year to read the next volume!


Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Ew at that blurry image. I didn’t realise it was blurred when I took it. Anyway, Judith Epic Rec’d this one to me, so I should probably read it soon.


 Half a King by Joe Abercrombie
The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

I accepted an offer from a publicist to receive Half a King for review. Unfortunately, it has not lived up to my expectations. The Winner’s Curse was unsolicited, but I’m hoping to read it soon because people really like it!


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan

I recently read Sharp Objects by Flynn, and I’m hoping to read Dark Places and then finally get to Gone Girl. Sharp Objects was really dark and uncomfortable, but I still very much enjoyed it. And I picked the Canavan book up at the charity shop, and have been told to read the first trilogy before I start this one.


A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani
The Maleficent Seven by Derek Landy

These books were both unsolicited, and I have no idea if I’m going to get to them. I’ve been in the middle of The School for Good and Evil for a year, so I need to finish that before I start AWWP.

14 comments on “Book Haul: June 2014

  1. Mel@thedailyprophecy 26/06/2014 9:15 pm

    I’m planning to read The winner’s curse this summer. Everyone is so positive and it does sound very good. It’s a shame Half a king disappointed you. Was it because of Mistborn (because you read it after that one, right?) or was it just not good enough? I do like this ARC cover.

    Happy reading!

    • Amber 29/06/2014 8:53 am

      The only negative review was Judith’s, so I’m kind of looking forward to it and also kind of nervous haha. I’m still in the middle of Half A King, I just don’t think the story is complex enough for me. That’s probably due to Mistborn XD and also because it’s just average.

  2. Laura @ Laura in Bookland 26/06/2014 9:56 pm

    I love the covers of the School of Good and Evil books. I loved the Saga books too and I am also regretting reading them super fast! Can’t wait for the next one to come out. Hope you enjoy everything else you got!

    • Amber 29/06/2014 8:54 am

      Did you see the trailer for The School for Good and Evil? It was as epic as the cover.

    • Amber 29/06/2014 8:55 am

      I plan to! I did bring it back to my house after moving it to the new one, but I haven’t had time yet. Now I need to take it back today anyway haha

  3. Chrissi Reads 29/06/2014 12:40 pm

    I can’t wait to read Open Road Summer! It looks so good! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  4. Hilda @ Catch the Lune 29/06/2014 12:59 pm

    Half A King has a wonderful cover, but it’s too bad the story didn’t live up to your expectation! I’ve been hearing good things about The Winner’s Curse and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Gone Girl is AMAZING. The story is unlike anything I’ve ever read. I think you’re going to enjoy it a lot. 🙂 Happy reading, Amber! 🙂

  5. Sydney @ Utterly Bookish 30/06/2014 12:45 am

    Eep! Saga! I’ve wanted to read those for some time because everyone seems to be raving about them, at least from what I’ve seen. And they sound really interesting to me. I guess I’ll have to check them out soon. 😛

    There are so many books I haven’t read on this list, even though I know they’re out. I’m ridiculously behind on all of my reading, but I’m hoping to catch up soon. :B There are so many great books that I really, really want to read, but we’ll see.

    Great haul! 😀

  6. Kaylie 30/06/2014 8:16 pm

    I hear so much about Saga and I want to find out why everyone thinks this is so good… Not convinced to buy them yet tho

  7. Laura F 03/07/2014 7:03 am

    I’ve read the first two volumes of Saga recently, as they were recommended to me. Totally loved it. I need to get the third soon. Hope you enjoy!

  8. Judith 02/08/2014 11:08 am


    Do I want to read the Saga books? I don’t really read graphic novels but I’m intrigued by these.

    You must read The Winner’s Curse so we can discuss. I’m REALLY curious to see what you would think of it.

    Lol School for Good and Evil.

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