Hunger by Michael Grant

Hunger is set three months after Gone ended, there is little food left and the kids are gaining various different powers, and it’s scaring them. They don’t know how to cope. The younger ones, as well as a lot of older ones, are looking to Sam to run things, and to take care of them. The Darkness is becoming a more prominent figure, it ‘speaks’ to various characters and tries to lure them to the joining him.

As well as the Darkness imposing a huge threat in the town of Perdido Beach, Sam has to cope with the rivalry of his twin brother, Caine, who wants to take over the town and lead for himself. 
This is the second book in Michael Grant’s Gone series, and in my opinion it was the weaker of the two. You’ll probably want to read the first book first, otherwise you will feel that you’re missing something. 
I found that this book was a tad more boring that the first, as Grant seems to have dragged things along for a lot of the book, whereas they could have been over and done with quite quickly. Overall, it was a great plot, but I don’t think it lived up to its full potential due to the writing style of this novel.
The characters were, as usual, likable. There is a vast amount of characters in this book, and I think each of them are being developed very well. Their powers add a very interesting concept to their personalities, and the ones without powers still have a great deal to do with the plot. 

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