Tiger, Tiger by Lynne Reid Banks

Tiger, Tiger by Lynne Reid BanksTiger, Tiger by Lynne Reid Banks
Genre: Historical
Release Date: November 7, 2005
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Bought
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Rating: five-stars

Tiger, Tiger is a hugely powerful and epic novel set against the dazzling backdrop of ancient Rome. This compelling and uplifting story about friendship, brotherhood and battling against the odds will grip all who read it. Her heart was throbbing behind her ribs. A real, live tiger? But that was impossible! Of all the beasts brought from far-off countries the tiger was the most formidable. There could be no one bold enough to introduce one into Caesar's palace! Two tiger cubs are snatched from their native jungle and shipped to Rome. On arrival at this strange land crowded with noisy two-legs they are cruelly separated. One cub becomes the princess's pampered and adored house pet. The other, fiercer, cub is trained to become the star performer in Caesar's bloodthirsty circus. Princess Aurelia detests her father's brutal sport, but must keep her feelings secret - no one dares criticise the almighty Caesar! The only person she can confide in is the slave Julius, her tiger's keeper. But such a friendship is equally forbidden: should the Emperor find out, his anger would be terrible and the punishment severe. destined for a life in chains. In a world dominated by Caesar's will, all must fight for freedom...This is Lynne Reid Banks at her very best. She has written a hugely powerful and moving story, which boys and girls from 10 years onwards will love. The animals' thoughts seem eerily perceptive. Utterly captivating.

This book was an absolute pleasure to read and overall I thought it was absolutely outstanding.

The book is about – as you may have guessed – two tiger cubs, who are captured by hunters and taken to Rome. Once in Rome they are separated, one (Boots) becomes a pet in the house of Caesar and the other (Brute) is caged underneath the Colosseum and trained to fight in the arena.
After a while, the story starts to focus more on Auriela – Caesar’s daughter – and her cousin Marcus, who play a prank on Boots the tiger’s trainer, Julius. They hide Boots and claim he has escaped. Their plan backfires when the tiger really does escape, and Julius must find him again or he will be put in the arena against the very animals he trains.

The books goes on, and we see the two tigers – now fully grown – reunited, one tame and the other a vicious beast.

The character development is brilliant, Aurelia turns out to be a very brave girl and the rest of the characters are just as engaging, much like the plot.

If you like animals and historical fiction then this book is for you – although it is guaranteed to make you cry!


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