Contemporary-A-Thon TBR

After having missed every previous round, I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be taking part in the fourth round of the Contemporary-a-Thon! This round will take place from 11th February to the 17th, so we’ll have a full week to read as many contemporary books as possible.

The hosts for this round are CHELSEA, JULIE, NATASHA, and MEL.

There are seven challenges for this readathon, and I’ve managed to get my TBR down to four books that cover all seven challenges. I wish I could have gotten it down a bit more because four books is a lot for me to read in one week, but these are meant to be challenges, so it’s ok if it’s hard.

➽ 1. Read your most recently purchased or acquired contemporary

➽ 2. Read a contemporary with blurple (blue or purple) on the cover

➽ 3. Read a diverse contemporary

➽ 4. Read a dark, taboo, or emotional book

➽ 5. Read a contemporary you meant to read in 2018 but didn’t get to

➽ 6. Read a contemporary in a non-traditional format
I’ll be reading all of the above books as ebooks!

➽ 7. Read a contemporary with a picture on the spine

I’m really excited about taking part in this readathon! Let me know if you’ve posted a TBR and I’ll come and check it out. If not, hit me with your contemporary recommendations so I can make a note for next time.