Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up: June 2017


me in june

The highlight of my month has to be my trip to Greece. I went to Kos for a week with my boyfriend Quillan and his parents to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The temperature wasn’t too hot, I was super careful with the suncream so that I didn’t burn, and overall I had a wonderful time. Greek people are the friendliest people ever, and the islands I went to were stunning. I’m hopefully going to do a series of posts about my travels so I’ll go into more detail when I get around to that.

Thanks to my super relaxing holiday, I managed to read ten books last month. I know. I haven’t read that many in one month since the beginning of 2016, before my life got all kinds of crazy busy. And because of those ten books, I’m now back in the blogging zone. Not quite as much as I was at the beginning of last year, mind you, but I’m getting there.

Oh, and I was promoted! June was a month full of training for my new position at work. It was exhausting, especially as I had a lot of Family Stuff going on. It completely knocked me out.

I’m also really into (“really into” meaning I’m being coerced into) exercising at the moment. I do a bootcamp session twice a week, and I’m currently doing Couch to 5K three times a week. I’ve noticed an incredible change in my fitness levels, and now that I’m kind of in the zone I find myself really looking forward to each workout. I’ve lost my mind.

And then there was the Steam summer sale. I bought a tonne of games, but I only spent about £35. I know, I’m impressed as well. My new games include Portal 2, the Trineology, Banished, Rust, and a few others. My boyfriend and I went looking for some good co-op games along with a friend of ours so we could play together. Now I just have to try not to kill Quill during a Super Mario Bros. session so I get to play the new games with him.

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Monthly Wrap Up: February 2017


Me in February

As expected, February was ridiculously busy. I crammed so much into such a short month that I’m kind of physically and mentally exhausted, and I think I need a weekend to just veg out on the sofa and read or watch TV.

At the beginning of the month, I went to a small house party where I was forced to watch the rugby (I don’t understand it at all but I’m trying). Aside from that, it was fun. My boyfriend also showed me his hometown, and we ate in a restaurant that is apparently known to give people food poisoning. Oops.

A friend of ours had his birthday drinks, which meant we had to participate in pub golf. This is obviously a British thing, and it’s basically a pub crawl where you have to have different drinks at each establishment and finish them off in a set number of pars. I didn’t take part because I am not mixing my drinks like that… ever. It was a great night, though, and very eventful!

Aside from that, there were a couple of dinners with friends that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was able to talk to some people that I wouldn’t normally talk to, and catch up with a bunch of others. My friend came down from the North for the weekend, and we took a trip to Marlow, Buckinghamshire on the Saturday afternoon.


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Monthly Wrap Up: January 2017


Me in January

The most exciting part of January was probably my return to book blogging. I’m still way, way behind on commenting and on finding out about all the new releases, but I’m slowly catching up. I realised a couple of weeks ago that I’ve actually missed the blogging community a lot. I’m enjoying having this as a hobby again, and it helps that I feel very chill about the whole thing. 

In other news, I’ve had my car for over a month now, and I’ve been busy getting used to it. It was a bit of an ordeal to park it at first because I wasn’t used to the size or mobility, but I feel like I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Really, really slowly. I have been on the motorway a few times, but it’s pretty scary so I have kind of been avoiding it. But baby steps! I’ll get there in the end.

My boyfriend and I went to see Cirque du Soleil in London with a couple of his friends. I have to say, I really freaking enjoyed it, and I already want to go and see it again. The circus was one of my favourite things as a child, and seeing the acts be performed bigger and better was incredible. The Lizard Man was definitely my favourite part. I couldn’t take my eyes off him when he had his solo bit going on.

cirque du soleil

Obviously not the Lizard Man

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Monthly Wrap Up: April 2016


Me in April

So many things happened in April that I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll go with the most recent thing – my trip to Edinburgh! Technically, the majority of my trip took place in May, so I won’t talk about it too much here because I’m planning on doing a series of posts on my travels. But I took the train to Edinburgh on the 30th and I had the most amazing time. It was great to have some time off work, which had been stressing me out recently.

Earlier on in the month I passed my theory test after doing almost no practise or revision. Oops. This is actually the second time I’ve passed the test, as I took it about five years ago. Here in the UK, if you don’t pass your practical driving test within two years of passing your theory, you have to take your theory all over again. I’m determined to do it this time, just to get it out of the way!

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Monthly Wrap Up: March 2016


March was another busy month and I am seriously craving some down time. The month began with my sister’s birthday, which was a lot of fun for her. I went out for a celebratory “I broke up with my abusive fiancé” meal with my aunt, who was the one we were celebrating for. The meal was amazing, especially as I got to eat my favourite pumpkin burger again.

I went to the Scholastic Book Bloggers Feast a couple of weeks ago and I had a grand time. I met some people in person who I’ve been talking to for years, and Stevie told me about a certain Mistborn novella that I absolutely NEED to read ASAP. At the event we got to hear about what goes into editing and book cover designing, as well as listening to a bunch of authors talk about their books. You can find all the info under #bookbloggersfeast. I was going to write a post but I haven’t had time yet so I’ve been a complete and utter failure.

Anyway, then it was Easter and I spent the four day weekend being ridiculously busy. First, I went to the cinema with my sister. Then my aunt arrived from Germany, along with my two cousins, and I spent Saturday paintballing with my uncle and three of my cousins. On Sunday we were all at my aunt’s house for Easter dinner, and then on Monday I trekked into London with them to go to the London Dungeons. So it was a busy few days, and I didn’t have time to relax! Boo! But it was lots of fun nonetheless.

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