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Monthly Wrap Up: March 2016


March was another busy month and I am seriously craving some down time. The month began with my sister’s birthday, which was a lot of fun for her. I went out for a celebratory “I broke up with my abusive fiancé” meal with my aunt, who was the one we were celebrating for. The meal was amazing, especially as I got to eat my favourite pumpkin burger again.

I went to the Scholastic Book Bloggers Feast a couple of weeks ago and I had a grand time. I met some people in person who I’ve been talking to for years, and Stevie told me about a certain Mistborn novella that I absolutely NEED to read ASAP. At the event we got to hear about what goes into editing and book cover designing, as well as listening to a bunch of authors talk about their books. You can find all the info under #bookbloggersfeast. I was going to write a post but I haven’t had time yet so I’ve been a complete and utter failure.

Anyway, then it was Easter and I spent the four day weekend being ridiculously busy. First, I went to the cinema with my sister. Then my aunt arrived from Germany, along with my two cousins, and I spent Saturday paintballing with my uncle and three of my cousins. On Sunday we were all at my aunt’s house for Easter dinner, and then on Monday I trekked into London with them to go to the London Dungeons. So it was a busy few days, and I didn’t have time to relax! Boo! But it was lots of fun nonetheless.

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Monthly Wrap Up: February 2016


Me in February

Obligatory HOW IS IT MARCH comment. February has gone by so freakin’ fast, and I think it’s because I was so busy compared to how it was last year, when I rarely ventured out at the weekends and evenings because I liked my chill time. I still do, but I keep agreeing to go out and somehow I have become what can almost be considered a busy bee. Almost.

Anyway, February was full of cinema trips (two, to see the same movie), dentist appointments (just one for three minor fillings, thankfully), and birthdays. My cousin turned 22 and I went to her birthday meal which was lovely, and then my brother turned 17 a couple of days ago. He’s started taking driving lessons, so now I am feeling a tonne of pressure to get my own driving license and my own car.

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Monthly Wrap Up: January 2016


Me in January

January has been an awesome start to 2016, and I see the year getting better and better! I’ve managed to stick to a lot of my resolutions, instead of giving up on them after the first week, and I read a lot of awesome books.

First and foremost, I’ve embarked on a healthy eating endeavour. I’ve been cutting out unhealthy snacks since the 4th, and I’ve only “cheated” a couple of times. There has been a couple of unhealthy meals, but two out of 25+ isn’t bad! I have also decided that I want to transition into veganism. I’m starting slowly, by cutting out meat and milk first. So far, I’ve been really enjoying this new lifestyle. I haven’t eaten meat in two weeks and I think I’m starting to feel physically better. I’m not sure if that’s just a placebo effect though! I’m really looking forward to continuing with this journey.

I also started taking driving lessons. Well, I’ve taken one so far, and I’ve booked more for February and March. I really want to get my license and a car this year, after five years of relying on friends and family to drive me around.

I met up with some friends that I haven’t seen in months, and I’ve met a tonne of new reading buddies so far this year! It’s been great.

The highlight of January, though, was seeing Billy Elliot at Victoria Palace Theatre. It was absolutely incredible. The children, particularly Nat Sweeney, were fantastic, and I loved the entire cast. They were so good! And the set designs and transitions were fascinating. I adored it, and I would go again right now if I could.

billy elliot

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End of Year Survey 2015




NUMBER OF BOOKS YOU READ: 101. This is the least I’ve read in about five years. But at least I met my goal.


GENRE YOU READ THE MOST FROM: Contemporary! Followed by fantasy.


NUMBER OF BOOKS YOU READ: 109 because I am a disgrace. I actually had to adjust down my goal because I’m so busy all the time now. It’s shameful, I am ashamed.


GENRE YOU READ THE MOST FROM: Probably fantasy but I don’t care, I’m having a different answer this time! HORROR! Thank you, Stephen King, for providing me with a less boring response this year.



AMBER: THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA, closely followed by The Martian. Please see below.

TATUM: I really tried to limit the number of books I answered with but as it turns out, I just couldn’t. I just really enjoyed these books way too much to not yell about them. So, obvious fave of the entire year which I’m sure Amber will yell about too (~~~) is The Gentlemen Bastards series by Scott Lynch. The Lies of Locke Lamora is AMAZING and also criminally underrated so can you all go and read this series plz and thank you. Secondly, out of all King’s books that I’ve pretty much devoured this year I have to say that Bag of Bones is honestly peak Stephen King (and none for The Shining bye). It’s eerie and unsettling and so compelling as a novel. FINALLY, IN A STUNNING DISPLAY OF MATURITY AND ALSO I’M PRETTY SURE HYPNOSIS, I REALLY, REALLY LOVED SIX OF CROWS. It’s about heists, and romance, and persecution! Also miles better than the Grisha series of stupid nonsensical flop endings.


AMBER: Ashes to Ashes. Fuck that nonsense.

i hate you

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Monthly Wrap Up: December 2015


Me in December

The first major event that happened in December was my company’s Christmas Party. It was… eventful, to say the least. I don’t normally drink alcohol so I managed to get drunk during the pre-drinks and by 11PM I was hammered. But then I started to sober up and I felt fabulous (but tired!) the next day. This then kicked off a month of drinking with my family and friends, so I pretty much spent December in some sort of drunken state.

I finished most of my Christmas shopping in November and I was SO HAPPY because that meant I wasn’t stressing out about it in December. I had a couple of things still to buy just before Christmas, though. I bought my mum’s Christmas present on Christmas Eve because I had to wait until I got paid.

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