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Best Books of 2016

I mentioned in my epic comeback post that 2016 wasn’t the best year when it came to reading. I talk about it more in-depth in that post, but in short, I got very, very distracted and I landed myself in a massive reading slump that lasted half of the year. So this list is nowhere near as detailed or diverse as it could be, as I did most of my reading in January and February and then completely fell off the wagon. But without further ado, here are my favourite books of 2016.


1. The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

The Girl From Everywhere was my first read of 2016, and it’s one of the few that stuck with me. Heilig has a wonderful writing style that captivated me from the beginning, and I loved journeying back to Hawaii with the characters and becoming immersed in the world. It also helped that there was an EPIC SHIP that I hope will continue to develop in the sequel, which I have yet to read. 

2. This is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp

While it took me a bit to get used to the multiple points of view in this novel, This is Where It Ends blew me away. It’s unsettling, harrowing, and totally unputdownable. Shut up, that’s a word. The ending reduced me to tears, and I’m actually considering doing a reread at some point this year, which is something I very rarely do.

3. When We Collided by Emery Lord

This was one of the more emotional reads of the year. One of the main characters in this book has bipolar disorder, which meant Lord’s enticing writing style mixed with a deeper topic. And she did it marvellously.

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Top Five Of My Most Recent Five Star Reads

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Doing it this week because lol I have no concept of time. Also, hi, I took over this one because I like to talk about books I have loved. LET ME MAKE YOUR LIVES BETTER, YOU GUYS.


This is the last book in the Fairyland series (that I’m like 98% sure I’ve excitedly talked about before) and I loooooved it. It was just the perfect combination of strange and bittersweet; September is one of my favourite heroines ever <3 I’m going to miss this series so much, man.

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Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR

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I missed last week’s topic because of my inability to blog, so I am doing it this week instead. I love these TBR topics (even if I fail at the list every single season) because I like to have some sort of vague plan of what I’d like to read.

1. We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

My friend assures me that this is amazing and disturbing, so here we go. I’m waiting until I’m in the right mood for this one because that’s probably vital.

tom rob smith

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Top Ten Historical Settings

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I think this topic was made for me. I’m a giant history nerd and so this topic makes me so, so happy. I’ve included settings that I have loved reading about, and also settings that I would love to see more of. I was going to include about a hundred examples, but I’ve decided to save those for an Epic Guide post because I am INSPIRED.

1. Ancient Rome

This is probably my favourite setting because it’s where my heart truly lies. You can all blame Gladiator and Spartacus for this. I’ve been to (modern day, obviously) Rome and it’s one of my favourite places in the world, and I find the history behind the city and the Empire and the Republic to be so interesting. The Romans were an interesting bunch of people, to say the least.

2. Prehistoric Times

I haven’t read any books set predominantly in prehistoric times but I need to get on that. I want to give The Clan of the Cave Bear a try, and Ivory and Bone is out this year and that sounds promising. I want books with dinosaurs, early humans, mammoths… the lot!

ttt historical settings

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