Halfway Point Reading Statistics 2.0

A couple of years ago, I put together this very same post, and since I’m back to blogging I thought I would have a look at how my reading is going these days. I had a scroll through my old post and got a little bit sad because the amount I’m reading has changed massively, but whatever, I’m loving this year regardless. I used Crini’s spreadsheets to put this post together.


Read: 30
Pages: 11,350
DNFs: 2
Acquired: 3
TBR: -27

Okay, so my TBR is kind of a lie because I’ve been reading tonnes of books on my Kindle and I don’t count those books on my TBR because my biggest issue is space. But I’m keeping it that way anyway because it looks good. Anyway, I’m really pleased with the thirty books that I’ve read so far this year. If I keep up this pace during the second half of the year I’ll be a very happy bunny.

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Final 2015 Statistics

Back in July (which still feels like yesterday, by the way) I shared my halfway point reading statistics, and I really enjoyed going back to look at them last week. I wanted to share my final reading statistics for 2015 with you all. For funsies. And also so I can look back in July and in 2017 to see how much progress I’ve made!


Read: 101
Pages: 38,554
DNFs: 4
Lost interest: 7
Acquired: ~40

I was doing really well with my TBR reduction challenge and reading my own books until the end of the year, when I got into a giant reading slump that spanned three months. I also got a tonne of books for my birthday in November and for Christmas, so those added up. I’m determined to be better at it this year. But I did meet my goal of 100 books, so I’m pleased! Continue reading

Halfway Point Reading Statistics

Can you believe we’re halfway through 2015 already? It seems like only yesterday that we were all setting reading goals and resolutions for ourselves, and now people are dying of the heat and the Australians are wanting summer back, and we’re officially at the halfway point with our reading goals! I wanted to share my reading statistics with you all so that you can see where I’m at with my goals, and also so I can compare them with my end of year statistics in January. There aren’t any fancy graphics because I absolutely suck at anything Photoshop/Excel, so you’ll just have to deal.


Read: 54
Pages: 19,912
DNFs: 4
Lost interest: 7
Acquired: 24
TBR: -41

I’m actually really happy with how this is going! If I stay at this pace then my TBR should be down by around 80 books by the end of the year, which is better than I could have expected. I’ve acquired more books than I would have liked, though – mostly due to the generosity of my friends. I have, however, spent £78 on books so far. I would like to completely cut off from buying books until my birthday in November, with three exceptions: The Dinosaur Lords, Queen of Shadows, and The Thorn of Emberlain. But overall, I’m impressed by myself and my TBR is falling nicely, which is what I wanted! Continue reading