Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: April 2016

I failed epically with my April TBR as I completely ignored it and only read two books from it. I still want to try to get to those other books this month, but I didn’t want to be repetitive and list all the books again, so here we are, with a fresh list. I’m going on holiday at the end of the month and am hoping for a lot of spare time to read. Let’s hope!

april tbr2


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Monthly TBR: March 2016

March is going to be the month of the review copies! I have quite a few e-ARCs that I both want and need to read, so I figured that I would whiz through them while I’m in the mood to do so. I’m hoping to whittle away at least five of them so I can stop feeling all this pressure that is looming over me. If you’ve read any of these already, or if you’d  like to see a particular review, do let me know and I’ll try to start that book sooner.

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Monthly TBR: February 2016

I’ve started posting my monthly TBR lists on my blog because I think it’s great motivation for me. Plus, I enjoy reading other people’s posts at the beginning of each month, so I thought why not. It’s always good fun to go back at the end of the month and see what you got to, what you didn’t, and what you’re planning on carrying over to the next month. In January, I managed to read 6 out of the 9 books that I listed, and I’m in the middle of the 7th (on audio). I’m planning on reading The Library of Shadows this week, and I’ll get to American Gods some time in February. February is a shorter month, and it’s normally the month that puts me in an epic reading slump from hell, so I’m going to try to conquer this by picking some awesome books.

february tbr 1

1. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

My friend Alex and I were going to read this in December but I got a bit sidetracked by my reading slump. But we’re finally ready to read the sequel to The Cuckoo’s Calling! I’m looking forward to diving into another crime novel, as I don’t read many and I do quite enjoy them.

2. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

I’m letting myself buy one book a month until I decide that my TBR is down to a reasonable number, and Salt to the Sea is my book of the month. It came out in the UK yesterday and my copy has already arrived, so I’ll be devouring this one very soon! I’m so excited to get my hands on it because Ruta Sepetys is one of my favourite authors, and her historical books are some of the best.

3. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I’ve been promised that Six of Crows is miles better than the shitfest that was Ruin & Rising, so I have high hopes for it. I’ve decided to finally give it a go. Thanks to Judith, I have my own copy of this and I don’t have to worry about breaking any bans for it!

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Monthly TBR: January 2016

At the end of November, I asked you guys how you felt about monthly TBRs. I personally really enjoy them, but I do find them stressful when I restrict myself to a set amount of books. I also get a bit annoyed at myself if I don’t read every single book on the list and I then refuse to carry books over to the next month out of spite. So this year I’ll be sharing my TBR each month, but I won’t be so restrictive. I tend to read about ten books per month, so to keep myself from getting too stressed about this I’ll be sharing between five and ten books that I would like to read. And I’ve made a promise to myself that I won’t get stressed out if I don’t get to them.

january tbr

1. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

I bought this book for myself for my birthday in November, and as luck would have it, it was chosen for my December book club pick. I’m two books behind, so I need to get a move on and read this. I’m very excited for some fantasy! I have the audiobook as well, so I’ll hopefully be listening to that. The narrator’s voice was amazing in the sample that I listened to so I bought it there and then.

2. The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

This is a book club pick for a different book club – one that I’m not behind on! Woo! I’m always here for historical fiction, and the main character of this one is Aussie. YES.

3. The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I don’t know much about this (I’d like it to stay that way, please!) but it’s probably going to make me cry.

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