Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: May 2018


I had a really good reading month in April, so I’m hoping the same thing will happen in May. I’ve been very ambitious with with TBR, but at the same time it’s good to have choices, right?


I’m only really dying to read a couple of new releases this month, and they’re big ones. War Storm is (obviously!) the final book in the Red Queen series. Admittedly, it’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a really enjoyable series and I’m hooked. I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends, and I’m considering going to an author event next month, so I’d like to read the book before then. Furyborn is one that’s getting a tonne of hype, and I really hope it lives up to it.

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Monthly TBR: September 2017

#ARCAugust was a complete bust for me because life got in the way. I read one ARC and started one other. I’m a bit disappointed, but I had a fantastic time in August so I’m not going to complain too much. September is going to be a bit quieter, aside from packing everything I own into boxes, so I figure I can do an #ARCAutumn of my very own.

Aside from hopefully reading the ARCs that I listed in my August TBR post, I also want to get to a few other books.

september tbr 1


Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

This one is set in Carcassonne, which I wish I had known before I visited the town earlier this year because I’ve had this book for ages and I could have read it while I was there! But now that I’ve been to Carcassonne, I guess I’ll have context and I’ll be able to visualise everything while I’m reading.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Yeahhhh… I still haven’t read it.

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Monthly TBR: August 2017

This month I’m participating in #ARCAugust, which is an annual event that is exactly what it sounds like. The idea is to clear your shelves and ereaders of advance readers copies and try your best to get ahead. I’ve not got too many ARCs lying around on my Kindle any more, because I’ve managed to actually show some restraint. Go me! But I do have a list to get through before the end of the year. These are the ones I’ll be trying to read this month.

arcaugust tbr 1

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Monthly TBR: July 2017


I try to come up with a very loose TBR pile every month in an attempt to keep me reading. It has been working well so far, probably because I’m not taking it too seriously. I’m allowing myself to take breaks, read other things, buy new books (even though I really shouldn’t), and switch up the order. Having a physical pile or list to look at really seems to help motivate me. So here’s my list for July. I tried to keep it mixed in terms of genre so I wouldn’t get bored, although I seem to have gone for a lot of fantasy instead of the contemporary books I was hoping

july tbr 1

I read the first book in the First Law trilogy a few months ago, and I’ve been waiting for a recap before diving into the second one. The recap is written and scheduled for Recaptains so I’m ready to begin!

The Couple Next Door turned out to be a really exciting read, so I’ve preordered Lapena’s next book. Hopefully it’s just as captivating as her debut!

I picked this book up at an event a couple of months ago, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Quill read it when we were on holiday and he really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping to love it. It’s a fantasy debut that also sounds a bit steampunky.

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Monthly TBR: February 2017


If you have been paying attention, you might be able to recall that I’ve been in a massive reading slump for the past seven months. It’s getting better, but it’s slow going. Instead of reading ten or more books each month, I’ve been reading two or three. This is partly because I’ve been socialising more, but it’s also because I’ve been having trouble focussing on reading in general. So I’m bringing back my monthly TBR posts in the hope that they’ll inspire me. I want to have a pile of books to choose from so I can get excited about reading again. These are the ones I’ve picked out for February.

february 2017 tbr

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