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Books in Motion: Books That Should Be Adapted, Part 2


ashfall mike

Ashfall is a story set during the apocalypse, which is unusual to say the least. Usually in YA, the apocalypse has already happened and the characters are trying to survive in a society that has already broken down. In Ashfall, however, the supervolcano over at Yellowstone (an actual thing, by the way) erupts at the beginning and our main character’s world is thrown into chaos. I loved reading about the breakdown of society as we know it and I think it would make for an incredible movie, or series of movies! Continue reading

Books in Motion: The DUFF

the duff

As a fan of The DUFF (the book, that is), I was partly excited and partly horrified when I learnt that it was being adapted into a movie. It’s not a book that I ever thought would be adapted, if I’m honest, and I kind of wish it hadn’t been. While the overall message of “be yourself, don’t let anyone else define you” is still very much present, it all fell short of the mark and the movie didn’t turn out so great.

Initial Thoughts

Well, it’s not as bad as Vampire Academy, but it did have that same “WE MUST BE FUNNEH” feel to it. That Mean-Girls-but-not vibe. You know the one I mean. I actually really liked some scenes but those were few and far between. I didn’t like the movie, in short.

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Books in Motion: Books That Should Be Adapted, Part 1

books adapted 1

the final empire

The whole series needs to be adapted really, but obviously The Final Empire would be the starting point. Can you imagine how this would look on a giant cinema screen? Vin and Kelsier flying around everywhere, the landscape, the mists, all of your favourite characters. From what I’ve heard, the movie rights were bought previously but then returned after some time, so they’re up for grabs again. Hopefully with the steadily increasing popularity of Brandon Sanderson, someone will pick them up again and actually adapt them. I’d be more than okay with either a TV series or a set of movies, as long as they remained faithful to the books.

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Books in Motion: Before I Go To Sleep

before i go to sleep (1)

Prepare for spoilers about a really bad movie.

Initial Thoughts

I’m not going to lie, I fell asleep during this movie. I can’t even say that it started off well, because after an embarrassing fifteen minutes I was ready to switch off and rewatch something more exciting. I’m very disappointed because I thought the book was thrilling and it kept me on my toes, but the movie was poorly done. Continue reading