Is Fifty Shades of Grey appropriate for teenagers?


Conversations is a new meme that was created and hosted by my buddy Joan and her buddy Geraldine. I rarely post discussions on the blog due to time constraints and lack of creativity, so when I came across this I thought it would be the perfect way to introduce more topics and start up some more conversations on my site.

I’m a little behind so I’ll be playing catch-up, but this week’s topic was too good to pass up:

Is 15 years too young to read Fifty Shades of Grey?

In a word: Yes. But my thoughts and feelings go a bit deeper than a simple yes or no. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Buy Books From Amazon

When I’m not on a book buying ban, I buy a lot of books. Actually, scrap that, I buy a lot of books full stop. At the start of my blogging and reading journey, I would always buy books from Amazon, no matter what. It offered the cheapest prices, and it allowed me to buy some international releases that weren’t available in the UK yet. However, over the last couple of years I have slowly been weaning myself off of Amazon, because I just don’t agree with its methods.

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How Do You Feel About Monthly TBRs?

What’s this? A post that’s NOT a review or a meme? You’re probably wondering if you’re on the right blog. But yes, it’s true, I have my blogging mojo back and I have a tonne of things that I want to talk with you about. The first of which being the topic of monthly to be read lists.


Monthly TBRs are huge on Booktube. HUGE. When my channel is actually active, I post a TBR video at the beginning of each month to share which books I’m interested in reading in the upcoming weeks. But I don’t do this on my blog, and I don’t see any monthly TBRs from any other bloggers either. At least, no one is jumping out at me at the moment. And I’m not really sure why this is.

So I wanted to ask you what your views on sharing monthly to be read lists/piles are. Do you think they’re a great way to keep yourself motivated, or do you think people who do this overshare? Continue reading

How I Balance Book Blogging and Booktubing

I have been active in the book community for five years now, and pretty much throughout I have been juggling my book blog and my Youtube channel to use as different outlets to talk about books. I get a lot of people asking me how the hell I manage to keep up both (especially as I have a full time job as well) and so I thought I would write this post.

To be honest, there’s no secret method or recipe. Book blogging is hard enough work as it is, especially if you’re posting several times a week, and Booktube by itself is probably even harder, depending on the person behind it. A lot of hours go into writing and formatting posts, coming up with a schedule, setting up, filming, editing, and uploading videos, and that’s without all the reading that we all do in order to keep our book blogs and book channels going. Throughout the five years that I’ve been doing this, I have put in well over a thousand hours into both ofmy bookish outlets, and it’s been tough. Continue reading

The Social Media Police

I’m kind of dreading talking about this because I feel like a lot of people are going to take it the wrong way and think that I’m attacking them personally. For the record, I am not here to do that at all. I just want to rant about a small group of people who think it’s okay to tell others how they should be behaving on social media.

I have encountered people like this many times over the past, say, three years, but lately I have been noticing that it is happening more and more. My friends have also experienced this and to be honest I think everyone is pretty fed up with it. But I’m not here to speak for them. I’m here to talk about my own experience and opinions.

Apparently some people think they have the right to tell other people what they can and can’t talk about on their social media accounts, particularly on Twitter which is the most popular social media forum on the internet right now. Now, I’m not just talking about book bloggers, I’m talking about those in TV fandoms, those who don’t belong in any fandom at all, just regular people who think that it’s okay to tweet people and tell them how they should be behaving.

aggressively takes off hat Continue reading