Monthly TBR: February 2018


Since I read an epic 14 books in January, I’ve decided to go a bit crazy with my TBR this month in order to not restrict myself. I’ve decided that I need a lot of options to get me in the mood for reading and to motivate the hell out of me. So don’t be surprised if this turns out to be my biggest TBR yet! I’m still going to just go with the flow and mood read like I did in January, but I feel like having some sort of goal to focus on is good.

february tbr 1

I preordered Hero At the Fall a while back and my copy arrived on Thursday so I’m diving into that right away! I’m so excited to see how Hamilton wraps up the series. It’s a brilliant fantasy trilogy, and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. I’m dying to read A Girl Like That, and I’m hoping I can buy the ebook before the end of the month. The Liar’s Girl is a thriller that I’m really looking forward to reading, although I’ve never read anything by this author before.

february tbr 2

I managed to get well ahead on my review copies (I mean, mostly) in January, so most of these are due in March or later. I have one January release that I’d like to read soon (Blood and Sand), and two February books that will have to wait until I’m in the mood for fantasy (The Queen’s Rising and Heart of Iron). I’m part of the way through Dread Nation and I have been for ages, but I’m going to have to go back and start again because a) I can’t remember too much and b) it has now been announced that it’s the first book in a series so I need to take notes for Recaptains.

february tbr 3

Six of these are sitting on my bedside table right now, ready to be read, and the other three are on my Kindle. I’ve been dyyyyying to read The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet for the longest time but I want to be in the right mood so I don’t ruin it, y’know? I’m a bit hesitant about Caraval, but I’m willing to give it a try. Especially as it only cost me 99p. I started The Fifth Season a couple of months ago but I didn’t read past the second chapter because I decided I wasn’t in the mood and I knew I was going to LOVE the book when I was ready for it. So I’m going to try to read it this month.

And that’s my list! Do you have any recommendations for me? Which ones of these did you love? Or, alternatively, let me know which ones you’d like to hear my thoughts on and I’ll try to prioritise those.

One comment on “Monthly TBR: February 2018

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity 09/02/2018 8:10 pm

    The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet! I need to reread that book and get started on the second book. I hope you enjoy it. I admit you have a few books on here I’ve had my eye on. I want to read Sleeping Giants, too. I’ve heard plenty of folks say good things. I hope you manage to get through these books and I can’t wait to see your thoughts.

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