Wanderlust Wednesday: 2018 Travel Plans

wanderlust wednesday

2017 was a great year for travelling. I discovered that I adore Somerset in the UK and would quite happily move there, and I had a fantastic time in both Kos, Greece and Carcassonne, France. I’ve already made a tonne of travel plans for this year and I’m super excited to get this feature of mine moving (finally!) by including all of my plans and findings in my posts. Here are my current travel and holiday plans for 2018.

1. Dublin, Ireland

I bought Quill a trip to Dublin for his birthday and we’ll be going for three days in March. Neither of us have been to Ireland before, and Quill has always wanted to go, so I’m hoping it’ll be a great trip. The current plan is to explore the city on the first day, do a day trip on the second, and then celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the third before flying home. I hope to share a full itinerary after the trip!

 2. Edinburgh, Scotland

I fell in love with Edinburgh when I visited by myself back in 2016, and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. I’m looking forward to revisiting some places I went previously, such as Arthur’s Seat and the castle, as well as exploring new places that I didn’t have time to explore last time. I want to do another trip into the Highlands as well, as that was one of the highlights from my last trip.

3. Munich, Germany (and perhaps Berlin!)

My aunt and uncle live near Munich and I like to visit them. Bavaria is wonderful, and I always enjoy my time there. I don’t know when I’m visiting, or what my exact plans will be when I’m there, but I definitely want to go this year. And I might include a short trip to Berlin, since I’ll be in the country anyway and I’ve never been!

4. Croatia

I wanted to go on a beach holiday later on this year, and Croatia seems like the perfect place. Not only is it new to me, and therefore super exciting, but Game of Thrones is (partly) filmed there and I’d get to see King’s Landing! I’ve started looking at a few different locations, and I think it’ll be fun to do a combination of both relaxing and exploring while I’m there.

5. Bath, Somerset

I was going to visit Bath when I was in Somerset last year but I didn’t manage to fit it in. There’s a tonne of history to see there and a lot of my friends love it, so I would really like to do a day trip there some time this year. I could possibly visit in the summer, or wait until the Christmas markets are back at the end of the year!

One comment on “Wanderlust Wednesday: 2018 Travel Plans

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity January 20, 2018 11:15 pm

    Wow, that’s a lot of trips planned I am very jealous. And here was me getting excited about going to New York this year. I think it’s so cool you’re going to so many different places. I have always wanted to go to Edinburgh, I’ve actually never been to Scotland, so I hope to get there at some point, maybe this year but definitely in the next couple. Germany is also a country I really want to visit but it’s one of those places a lot of my friends have no interest in. I just want to be able to visit and attempt to use that GCSE in german I got all those years ago.

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