Monthly Wrap Up: October 2017


Me in October

October was another incredibly busy month. I can’t believe that last year I was struggling to come up with things to post about in this Life section, and now I barely get any down time.

I started off the month with the house move. It went really smoothly, and we’re now all settled in. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if living with my boyfriend would be this stress-free, but I’m actually loving it. I’ve joined the local gym, and while I haven’t been going a lot, I’m slowly starting to figure out some sort of schedule for it.

This past weekend I went to a Halloween party, which was tonnes of fun. I dressed up as a really half-arsed sparkly witch, and promptly ditched my hat as soon as I got there. The next day, I surprised Quill with a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see Symphonic Star Wars, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It was pretty epic.

Books Read

1. Where I Live by Brenda Rufener ★★
2. Lie to Me by J. T. Ellison ★★
3. Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed ★★★★
4. Six Little Secrets by Katlyn Duncan ★
5. Speechless by Hannah Harrington ★★★
6. Love and Other Train Wrecks by Leah Konen ★★★

Book of the Month

love hate and other filters

Looking Forward

November is another crazy month! Quill and I have our anniversary at the beginning of the month, and both of our birthdays later on. We’re going to a Bonfire Night with our friends to see a fireworks display. A bunch of friends and I are having a Harry Potter night, which is going to be epic. And towards the end of the month Tatum is coming to visit! I’m SO excited.

3 comments on “Monthly Wrap Up: October 2017

  1. Maraia November 3, 2017 2:43 pm

    I’m glad living together is going so well! And Symphonic Star Wars, AWESOME.
    Will this be your first our second anniversary with Quill? Are you going to do anything special?
    Have a great time with Tatum!
    Here’s our my October recap. 😊

  2. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity November 4, 2017 11:06 am

    Wow, glad the house move has gone so well. I think everyone is always nervous about moving in with someone but it’s usually nerves over nothing. Your dressing up for Halloween sounds much like mine, I make a vague attempt to be something and then ditch the part of the outfit which distinguishes me. I don’t tend to bother anymore.

    I hope you have a good month, enjoy the anniversary and Harry Potter night.

  3. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages November 12, 2017 7:29 am

    Glad the move went well- moving is so stressful!! I’ve moved every few years or so for a while and it’s exhausting, I feel like I never really get to unpack. I’m glad you enjoyed Hate, Love, and Other Filters- it’s caught my attention recently and I’ve been hearing good things!

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