Books in Motion: The Girl With All The Gifts


Initial Thoughts

Overall, this was a better film than I was expecting! I think it played out a lot better on screen than it did on paper, perhaps because I just didn’t connect with Carey’s writing all that well.

Characters & Casting

Sennia Nanua was an excellent Melanie. She completely sold the character, and I found myself caring so much about her. Gemma Arterton was, of course, fantastic as Miss Justineau. So much emotion! I loved the dynamic between all of the main characters, especially between Melanie and Miss Justineau, and Melanie and Sgt Parks. Glenn Close as Dr. Caldwell was also a standout, of course!


Like I said, I was a lot more captivated by the movie than the book. I think there was more tension in the movie, so the director did really well on that front. It was kind of a quiet tension where I was on the edge of my seat. There were very few massive action scenes but this worked. As far as I can remember, it stuck pretty closely to the novel, but to be honest I can’t remember too much of the book. I think it was must better to see the story play out on screen than try to visualise it myself.

Best Bits

–          The creepy children in the city. Oh my god, they were terrifying.

–          The station falling. I love the way this scene was shot.

–          The sleeping horde near the hospital. So. Much. Tension.

Sucky Bits

–          There weren’t any, really? The characters did stupid stuff but… yeah. Oh, and Melanie ate a cat!

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